In Which Amber Benson and Wil Wheaton Talk About Narrating Head On + Audio Excerpt Mashup

Over on the Verge today, there’s a piece up about the audio version of Head On, which like its predecessor Lock In will have two narrators: Wil Wheaton and Amber Benson. Wil and Amber talk about narrating a book whose main character’s gender is unknown to them (because it’s also unknown to me, the author — I intentionally decided not to gender Chris Shane before I started writing the first book). The article also features an audio excerpt that mashes up Wil and Amber’s narration, which is, honestly, pretty damn cool. If I were you I would click through just to hear that, but what Wil and Amber have to say about the book and their interpretations of it is pretty interesting too.

Also: Hey! Wil and Amber are doing versions of Head On! How cool is that? You can pre-order their respective audio versions from Audible (here’s the link for Amber’s version; here’s the link for Wil’s). Also, remember you can get a signed and personalized version of the printed version from Subterranean Press; and if you just want a signed version (no personalization) Barnes & Noble’s got a few they’ll let you have.