Consuming Fire UK Cover Reveal + Head On Gender Thoughts

First, hey, look: Here’s the UK cover to The Consuming Fire!

Ooooh, pretty.

Bella Pagan, my Tor UK editor, writes about it here, and specifically does a shoutout to cover designer Lisa Brewster for her work. Which pleases me: Always give credit where credit is due, I say.

Also today, a piece I wrote on writing Lock In and Head On protagonist Chris Shane is up on the Tor/Forge blog, specifically about what it’s like to write a character when you’ve decided that you don’t know their gender, and how the universe of Lock In/Head On has an impact on how its characters think about gender, politically and otherwise. Go check it out.

What The Hell, April Fool’s Snow Storm: A Photo Essay

It’s not like we needed more snow at the moment, it being April and all, harumph, harumph, but at least it’s pretty.

Birdbath with about four inches of snow on it.

Snow filled branches.

Closeup of snow in a branch crotch.

More snow-covered branches.

Sugar the cat looks out on the snow, not entirely happily.