What The Hell, April Fool’s Snow Storm: A Photo Essay

It’s not like we needed more snow at the moment, it being April and all, harumph, harumph, but at least it’s pretty.

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  1. Love those snow photos. Yeah, we’ve had snow off and on for a week (and have more coming this afternoon), but it’s Wyoming, so when snow hits in April, people either shrug or go, “Huh, that’s kinda late this year!”

  2. JessicaMarieBaumgartner – I am an addict of the written word who loves to write and read others' work. Although a bit of a bookworm, I can't help but go out and enjoy my own adventures before coming home to sit down and engage in a story.

    Haha We had a full on thunder snow with enough lightning for my 5 year old to threaten that she will punch it in the face.

  3. You keep that crap up ‘north.’ I finally decided March 29th that it was safe to take the liner out of my rain coat (what with it being in the mid-70s all week). It’s not difficult to put back in, but it seems wrong to need a liner after Easter in Alabama. Please note I didn’t remove it for most of March because March is actually as good a time for snow as any in here.

  4. bythebrooke.blog – Hi my name is Brooke, I love making the best of a photograph and I enjoy writing poetry, blending these two together has become a hobby of mine. I'll be sharing reviews and writing some lifestyle blogs. I also love to give things away, so look out for some cool competitions. My two scrumptious little boys are my world. Favourite motto ~ 'Keep in the sunlight' Music really does wash away the dust of everyday life. I love oceans; if I'm not in it, by it or seeing it ~ I'm dreaming it! Hope you enjoy 😊

    Snow makes for some great shots

  5. What the hell, indeed. We’re supposed to get somewhere between 2 and maybe 5 inches overnight and into tomorrow, and I did NOT order that. It’s April, for goodness’ sake.

  6. We had a couple of inches of snow on Friday night at Minicon, and several inches again today and a total of 4-7 inches through tomorrow. Yay, spring!

  7. megpie71 – Australian, female, fat, born in 1971. Been hanging around the internet (first Usenet, now blogs) since about 1997. Far too cynical for my own good.

    Meanwhile, down here down under (Perth, Western Australia), we were expecting about 34C.

    I should point out: I’m an early April baby. When I was a kid, my birthday was usually grey and drizzly, and I had to wear a jumper (sweater) and a raincoat. By the time I was a teenager, it was cloudy and overcast, but not usually rainy. By the time I was in my twenties, it was usually pretty sunny, but cool. In my thirties, it was jeans and a t-shirt weather, with maybe a cardigan in the evenings. These days, in my forties, I sometimes find I have to wear shorts and a t-shirt on my birthday.

    My actual birthday date, needless to say, has not altered in forty-seven years. If anyone tells me climate change is bunkum, I am likely to laugh in their face.

  8. Looks like Colorado’s normal spring weather escaped and has been roaming about the country while leaving us warmer than normal and dry. Probably either has something to do with that them their jet-stream thingy or possibly the black magic that causes water in the west to flow uphill towards money.

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