The Summer Kills: “Collide”

My brain is a bit scrambled today, so in lieu of subjecting you to unintelligible babble, here, have this pretty nifty song by the new band The Summer Kills, which features my pal Matthew Ryan on vocals. It’s called “Collide,” and if you like Achtung Baby/Zooropa-era U2, this will be your new jam:

If you enjoyed this song, their upcoming album Last Night We Became Swans is available for pre-order at Bandcamp. I’ve heard the whole thing and it’s terrific, and very much of a piece with this lead single. Well worth getting.

6 Comments on “The Summer Kills: “Collide””

  1. Awesome- I am dancing in my chair. Buying it so I can add it to my dance exercise playlist.

  2. This is seriously good stuff. I found out about The Summer Kills through the other part of the partnership, Hammock (Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson), who have been one of my favorite acts for years – they do cinematic/immersive soundscapes like nobody else.

    Maybe we can get ’em on JoCo Cruise next year?

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