One Week Until Head On

The author copies for Head On have arrived at the Scalzi Compound and they look groovy. In just a week they hit the stores. Wheee! Also, a reminder that if you want signed copies, Barnes & Noble have a bunch available for pre-order. Or you can get me to sign one for you when you come see me on tour (you can also pre-order from the stores hosting my tour and I’ll sign/personalize when I get there).

I’m very excited that soon you’ll all get to read this. Soon, I say!

18 Comments on “One Week Until Head On”

  1. It was really good. Glad I got approved on NetGalley. I really enjoy SF mysteries and can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Out of curiosity, what happens to your author copies? I assume one or two go into your permanent collection and the rest are given to the lucky, deserving few. Does your local library get a copy? Any particularly notable recipients?

  3. Heh, have you ever heard of Grifball, a game type played in the Halo series of video games? It’s also “a frenetic and violent pastime where players attack each other with swords and hammers.” Though there is an actual ball to be taken and carried into a goal rather than an opponent’s head, making it a bit more akin to rugby. Fun coincidence.

  4. The release date is my son’s birthday – will be delivered to his kindle as his birthday present. :)

  5. Leo, rugby and soccer and American football are all descended from the ancient Irish game called ‘Foothead’ where beheading your opponents and kicking their heads through the goalposts was how you scored. Tolkien somewhat garbled the story in ‘THE HOBBIT’, getting it mixed up with golf. Unfortunately, when the game spread to other countries liberal wimps replaced the severed heads with leather balls. I’m trying to revive the original game here in Ireland, but nobody wants to play for some reason…

  6. Seriously, congratulations on this! I greatly enjoyed ‘LOCK-IN’ in big print. Any chance of a big print edition of ‘HEAD-ON’?

  7. I’ve got a flight coming up next week, and Head On will be perfect to read on the plane. Assuming I’m able to finish the new (last) Iron Druid Chronicles book scheduled to arrive tomorrow before then.

  8. I still say that it was refined cruelty to time this particular release a week and a half before my kid’s wedding. Do you have ANY idea how long my list of assignments next week is? I am going to have the devil’s own time coming up with a plausible excuse for dropping out of contact for a day while I devour Head On.

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