Finally a True Sign of Spring

To wit, the lawncare people come to aerate and fertilize the yard. It’s a nice, sunny day, too! Let’s hope it sticks.

12 Comments on “Finally a True Sign of Spring”

  1. We had a true sign of spring today. The guy who plows our snow came and took the sticks away from beside the driveway and put some grass seed on the spots where he ripped out chunks of turf during the winter.

  2. It’s finally a nice day here in Chicago, two days after we got 2 inches of snow. Ah, April.

  3. I come to you from Southern California where all we have are earthquakes. What is this “Spring” whereof you speak?

  4. Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere… today is the first day this year I’ve turned on the heater in the bathroom during my shower, and the first day I turned on the heater in the car. Temperature today is supposed to reach 22C, which means I really should have put on thicker socks, and probably a longer-sleeved shirt. Oh well, it’s supposed to warm up to the low thirties by next week. Briefly.

  5. The meteorologists say we’re going to have snow, Friday and Saturday, but it will probably melt next week.

  6. My true sign here in Pasadena, CA…rolling back the pool cover and starting the “draining the swamp” process with a trip to the pool store for chemicals. Also the unexpected fun (not really fun) of removing a very waterlogged lizard that must have ducked in for a drink. Some time ago. Gross!