New Books and ARCs, 4/13/18

This is a very lucky Friday the 13th, I have to say, because it brings us all this very fine stack of new books and ARCs. What in this stack bewitches you? Tell us all in the comments.

18 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 4/13/18”

  1. Only Human. The first two books of the Sleeping Giants trilogy were loads of fun to read (in some ways like a 1950s science fiction movie). Can’t want to read this concluding book of the trilogy.

  2. Dunstall’s STARS UNCHARTED!

    Eric: Yes, it’s a new series. Unrelated (IIRC) to the previous one.

  3. A Gordon Dickson book I’ve never heard of? Yup. And like Dana, I can’t resist a book with the title “the Final Frontier”, for much the same reasons.

  4. I really enjoyed Neuvel’s first novel. The story by interview transcript approach worked extremely well.
    Definitely looking forward to more.

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