Happy Birthday Krissy

The only real problem with having a book release in April is that it increases the likelihood that I won’t be on hand to celebrate my wife’s birthday, which is today. And as it happens today I will be in Iowa City rather than home. Be that as it may, I want to take a moment to wish happy birthday to the person without whom my life would be far less bright and wonderful. There is not a day that goes by that I literally do not take a moment to reflect on how much better my world is with her in it, and on this day above all, I think it’s a good thing to acknowledge all the ways I am improved by her presence and her wisdom and her love. She’s pretty great.

Happy birthday, Krissy. I love you!

30 Comments on “Happy Birthday Krissy”

  1. Sorry you can’t be home for the big day. Happy birthday, Ms. Scalzi. Hope you enjoy it, and can look forward to a belated celebration when your wandering husband returns.

  2. I want to know what her voodoo is…she simply does not age! :-)

    Happy Birthday to Krissy!

  3. Re: voodoo, it’s just that painting she keeps in the attic…
    Many happy returns of the day, Krissy!

  4. I love that he loves you, Krissy! Happy birthday to you. Live long and prosper!

  5. Happy Birthday to Krissy. Y’know some of us who love our spouses to distraction wish we could tell the world how wonderful they are. You get to actually do that! You’re lucky in so many ways.

  6. Happy birthday, Krissy! Thanks for all you do that helps Mr. Scalzi be so happy in life and productive as an author! We all know that a lot of that is due to your good sense, support, and general awesomeness.

  7. Belated Birthday wishes…I enjoy reading his tributes to you in his books and in the essays…well done…Team Scalzi!

  8. You weren’t there in person on the day, Mister S, but I’m certain there would have been telepresence of some sort, plus this virtual birthday card with well-wishes from folks all around the world. Many happy returns, Missus S, and many more happy birthdays to come.

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