View From a Hotel Window, 4/20: Los Angeles

Overlooking Pershing Square. Nifty. And if you don’t think the photo has the required amount of parking garage , know that there’s a parking lot directly under the square. It’s there, all right. It’s just subtle.

No events today or tomorrow but I will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Sunday, where at 10:30 I will be in conversation with a fellow named Wil Wheaton. I looked him up on Wikipedia. He seems nice. I think I’ll try to engage him on the subject of burritos. If you are in or near Los Angeles on the day, you should totally be there. I will also be signing books! And possibly stealing golf carts.

21 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 4/20: Los Angeles”

  1. That’s so cool that you get to hang out with Wil. He seems like a stand-up guy. I’ve been a fan of his for ages, which is why I always get your audiobooks when he reads them! It’s a whole “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” moment. Lol.

  2. I am flying to Los Angeles tomorrow (yay!) but I won’t be there on Sunday (boo!) but it’s because I am going on a cruise (yay!) but not the JoCoCruise (boo!) but still, I’ll get to enjoy summer weather after this never-ending New England winter (yay! x1000).

    Well, that was an emotional roller coaster. I am genuinely bummed about missing the conversation with Wil, though – that’s going to be awesome. Also, when do we get to see a John Scalzi cameo on Big Bang Theory? It’s about time that happened, right?

  3. I’ve been watching the first season of Dark Matter. And at times, the first season of Star Trek: TNG. That Will Wheaton dude grew up to be a bad guy.

  4. I think you should bring Wil one of your burritos. You might want to wait until the end of the interview to give it to him, though.

  5. Welcome back to L.A. Wish I could get to the talk on Sunday but it’s looking like a no-go. Loved Head On, great story, and I have given it two listens this week and Wil said it exactly the same way BOTH TIMES. Amazing!

  6. You are mere blocks from the Central Market, where you can have your choice of burritos. However, I recommend the tongue tacos. Seriously, they are amazingly great.

  7. You need to come back to SFran! It’s a long way to Ohio.
    Happy Birthday Krissy!
    It’s off to Barnes and Noble in the morning.
    Used to think I could read them faster than your can write them, Oops!
    Tacos isgood

  8. I was in that parking garage six days ago. If only I had timed my visit to LA correctly!

  9. Are you sure you’re in L.A.? Because that looks exactly like the view from our hotel room at the Sheraton Centre Toronto last October, down to the parking garage under the square.

  10. I think I just painted a picture of the hotel you’re staying in earlier this month! I sat against the wall that juts into the circle area to paint the farmers market, icredible yellow building, and the ones that towered behind it all. :)

  11. That’s a great way to top off a parking garage. Should be a square like that on top of every parking structure. That or solar panels.

  12. I thought the whole point of stealing the golf cart was to get to the next city, thereby bypassing the TSA.

    I met Wil years ago at a signing for his first book, he seems like a good dude to hang out with.

  13. Do not I repeat Do not steal no stinking golf carts, go for the Rolls, make your Daddy proud.

  14. Good heavens! You’re next door to me today! About 70 miles away, which is next door in the LA space-time continuum.

    Have a wonderful visit. And they can spare a few golf carts. Go for it.

  15. How can you sleep with the cousin of Sauron right there in the courtyard… that is Barad-dûr’s cousin tower isn’t it?