View From a Hotel Window, 4/23/18: St. Louis

Inspiring, no? I’m in a hotel where the window looks out to the interior, and also to a wall. But you know what? The room’s nice enough, and that’s fine.

Tonight: I am at the St. Louis County Library! Everything starts at 7pm! Come on down, Missouri! I want to see all of you.

Tomorrow: I am in New York City, at the venerable Strand Bookstore, also at 7pm. It will be my first time ever doing an event there. I am very excited about that.

13 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 4/23/18: St. Louis”

  1. Clearly, points should be docked for not at least swiping a golf cart and parking it in the hallway before photo time…

  2. Those of us heading into NYC tomorrow, NJT permitting, are also very excited!

  3. Hey, Scalzi, isn’t that what we liberal arts and lit. types call a blank canvas, a tabula rasa, ripe for your imagination to paint and write and pretend/act out stories upon?

    OK, so it has a remarkably diamond grid-like structure to it. Call it graph paper askew.

    But still, y’know, look past that boring beige institutional industrial chic thing going on. Or run with it.

    Just don’t run out the window, even if you have a suitable security blanket / bedsheet cape and leotards / skivvies underwear going on. Unless you really do have superhero powers like in X-men or Heroes or some such. Even then, no. Better to spend a night in relaxing and entertaining yourself.

    Hey, if you were Descartes, and you had a fly or mosquito available, you could’ve come up with the x-y coordinate system while you were dozing and bored, y’know? (Yes, this was one of my takeaways from French Lit. I.)

    So this could work for you.

    Why did it have to be warm beige mixed with manila folder color? What is it with people? Oh, well. Yeah, I dunno, bubblegum pink would’ve been a little much for me too.

    Have a good book tour!

  4. Scratching my head, trying to figure out the story behind a Very Weird Design Choice.

    Blue-Skying: Your hotel was rehabbed from an old police station, that window used to be a one-way mirror, and you’re sleeping in a former interrogation room. (Is the furniture bolted to the floor?)

  5. It’s New York, baby! The Big Apple. Better bring your A Game, dude.

    No pressure.

  6. Hi John, just wanted to say thank you so much for your great talk at the LA Times Festival of Books. I know a tour like the one you’re on can be a grind (especially with views like that – whew!) but you’re not just selling books, you’re inspiring people and we really appreciate it!

  7. Yay for the Strand! I’m bringing…well, not everyone I know, but I’m bringing a person! That I know!