View Not From a Hotel Window 4/26/18: Bradford, OH

And there’s a very nice sunset to welcome me home. 

There is one more event, at the Troy-Miami County Public Library, on Monday at 6:30, but it’s one I can drive to from my house. So for all the people who came to see me in all the places I had to fly and train to and from, thank you! Nearly every single one of you were fabulous.

And now I’m gonna sleep for a couple of days.

4 Comments on “View Not From a Hotel Window 4/26/18: Bradford, OH”

  1. @crickettshouse – read back in John’s Twitter feed. I think it was on the 24th.

    John, enjoy being home. One of these days I’ll get to see you in Atlanta (or Charlotte or Birmingham or Chattanooga or some nearby city).

  2. @Kara Hudson, being curious I scrolled down, it’s the 25th, the jerk in the queue. Some people really are just too far up themselves! Hope you enjoy being home, Scalzi, that was quite a short tour?

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