Announcing Whatever’s First Ever Summer Intern

I decided this year it might be fun and useful to have an intern here at Whatever, and after a highly selective application and interview process, I have selected who I think is the right person to help me out during their summer break from college. Everyone, meet Whatever’s first ever summer intern:

Athena Scalzi
Whatever’s 2018 Summer Intern, Athena Scalzi

“Nepotism!” I hear some of you cry, and well, a) you’re entirely correct, and b) nevertheless she’s entirely qualified. She’s well familiar with Whatever, having been a close observer of it literally her entire life. She’s also very adept with blogs and social media, having run her own blog in the past and having a popular Twitter account in her own right, as well as assisting me in the running of the Scamperbeasts Twitter account. Also, she comes with good references and writing samples. Basically, an ideal person to kick off an internship position here at Whatever.

What will Athena be doing as the Whatever intern? She’ll be assisting me with Big Idea posts, putting up posts under her own byline, and helping me develop some new features around here. She’ll also be helping to moderate and manage the site at large. In return I’ll be teaching her how to work her way around the software and applications I use to manage and post on the site, be editing her work, and working to help her develop her writing and other related skills on and off the site.

(Also, before anyone asks, and consistent with my philosophy about internships, this is, in fact, a paid internship. No free labor just because she’s my kid. That would make me a jerk.)

I’m excited about this — it’s something Athena and I have talked about formally doing for a while now, so the fact she’s going to be a presence on Whatever this summer is pretty cool. We’ll be working out her exact starting date soon, but expect her to start posting late May/early June. This should be fun.

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