Old Office Chair, New Office Chair

Spare a moment in your day to think upon my (now) old office chair, pictured above, which is about to take its journey to the great beyond (which in this case is probably a landfill or being trash picked). Krissy picked it out for me in 2010 or so, when I redid the office in general. It definitely shows signs of wear and tear, not just from me (see where my ass and legs have worn through the chair), but also from the cats, which have torn up the top, clawing at it when they were perching there. It’s also a little lopsided and the cushion has flattened and it’s generally not super-comfortable anymore. Finally, it’s always been a little too large for the corner my desk is in — it bumps into other furniture and in fact has a long scar across its back from where it’s scraped against my file cabinet for eight years. It was time to let it go.

In its place now is the new chair —

— which fits better into the desk area, rises slightly higher (which hopefully will be better for repetitive strain) and has a Temperpedic seat, which is nice and comfy. I imagine the cats will not be pleased since they will no longer be able to perch high up on the chair, but honestly, we’ve spoiled them enough. It’s okay for me to put myself first when it comes to my work chair.

Don’t tell them I said that, though.


New Books and ARCs, 5/1/18

To inaugurate a new month, here is this lovely stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What’s calling to you from this stack? Tell us in the comments, please!


First of May, First of May

And you know what that means!

In this case, it means me slaughtering Jonathan Coulton’s classic song with my own one-take version!

(Note: If you’ve never heard this song, it, uhhhh, has profanity.)

And here’s the original, if you want to hear an actual professional do it, along with some pretty groovy ASL translation:

Also, hey, did you know that Jonathan Coulton is now a Tony Award nominee? It happened today! First of May! What a fabulous day. Congratulations to him. I hope that man with a tan shar-pei is especially nice to him today.


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