New Books and ARCs, 5/1/18

To inaugurate a new month, here is this lovely stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What’s calling to you from this stack? Tell us in the comments, please!

17 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/1/18”

  1. So, that’s fun. Scanning the stack as I always do, looking for items to order, and there’s my book! The paperback edition of THE PHYSICS OF EVERYDAY THINGS. All the physics-goodness of the hard cover, in a lighter, easier to carry version!

  2. Ah, THE PHYSICS OF EVERYDAY THINGS. I’ve always been a fan of well-written science books.

  3. “Mage Against the Machine” is a cool title. Don’t know anything about it, but that title makes me want to pick it up.

  4. I’d read Mage Against the machine just for the great title. Maybe Mecha Samurai Empire too…

  5. Mage against the Machine as a title seems a bit “trying too hard to be punny”

  6. I knew a few of these (Poppy War coming to my house soon, Tieryas Mecha Samurai on the wish list, etc.), but man, Mage Against the Machine got my interest here. Doubly so after reading the blurb on Goodreads.

  7. I wonder if the Troy library takes out of state members (is that where these go?). As a kid when I discovered SF I read through my local library in about three years. This would never happen there!

  8. Doesn’t sound like my kind of thing, but I love the title “Mage against the Machine”

  9. Just looking at the titles, I would be interested in Hyacinth and the Stone Thief, The Queen of Sorrow, and The Darkest Time of Night (but titles can be misleading.

  10. The “physics of every day things” interests me. I also want to read “Storm in a Teacup” – which is the same sort of explainy book. The Poppy War sounds very interesting… yet another young woman with unimaginable powers. Don’t we all have unimaginable powers because, I mean, we haven’t imagined them yet?

  11. I’ve heard intriguing things bout R.F. Kuang’s THE POPPY WAR, and a new Sarah Beth Durst (THE QUEEN OF SORROW) is always something I look forward to.

    Plus now I am intrigued by THE PHYSICS OF EVERYDAY THINGS and will have to check that out.

  12. “Red Water Rising” is the third book in Laura Ann Gilman’s Devil’s West series that began with “Silver on the Road”. I’ve been looking forward to this; it’s a very different kind of series, not like anything else I’ve ever read.

  13. FOUNDRYSIDE by Robert Jackson Bennett, of course! And seeing as how I’m the first to name it, I get it, right? ;-) Right??? ;-)

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