New Books and ARCs, 5/2/18

Oh, look, yet another stack of very fine books and ARCs at the Scalzi Compound — and now we’re all caught up with everything that showed up while I was on tour (with some other new stuff in there as well). What’s catching your eye here? Tell us all in the comments.

24 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/2/18”

  1. James J. Cudney IV (Jay) – New York City, USA – Writer. Fiction, Family Drama, Mysteries, Suspense and Other Novels. Genealogist. Historian. Technologist. Reader. Reviewer. See my books at See my blog at
    James J. Cudney IV

    The Book of M looks good

  2. That thin little book by Connie Willis is dwarfed by all the big guys but I’ll bet it packs a punch above its weight class.

  3. willisgarycpa – Victoria, BC, Canada – Retired life-long Texan after 27 years in Public Accounting as an MBA Certified Public Accountant and 18 years in Education as an MA-English Teacher, now relocated summer 2018 to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to continue decades long self-employed career as a Poet and Writer.
    Gary R Willis

    Hey, I have a copy of Connie Willis’s book in your photo. Wow. First time I had a book you just recently got. Cool.

  4. I’ve been wowed by Nicola Griffith’s “Ammonite,” and “So Lucky”‘s already ordered from Amazon.

  5. Has anyone tried the Minecraft novels for older kids? The short ones for younger kids are amazingly popular at my library, and I’ve been meaning to read the one Max Brooks did, but I just don’t know. I’ve been reading a lot of litrpg lately, but Minecraft seems like a real reach.

  6. New Tim Powers! Oh, “Altternate Routes” is not out until August 7th. That’ll be good to look for at Worldcon in San Jose, yum!

    And Mary Robinete Kowal’s “The Fated Sky” at the top. That sounds good too.

  7. The Fated Sky sounds good!

  8. Definitely the Connie Willis and the Mary Robinette Kowal. Both are books I have on order, and very much look forward to reading.

  9. Poppy War poking out in the background from last week is catching my attention as I saw it on another list a couple days ago!

  10. Glynn Stewart is one of the best new writers around and has series that redefine and often cross genres. That said, Exile is not my favorite but it’s passibly good space opera. His Starship Mage series is highly recommended.

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