Sunset 5/6/18

It’s good to be home. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

8 Comments on “Sunset 5/6/18”

  1. Glad you are home relaxing with cats, sir, and I hope that your weekend was enjoyable.

    My weekend was fine, thanks for asking, rather more relaxing than last weekend when our elder kid got married. The only thing somewhat unusual was an unexpected shopping trip to replace our refrigerator, which suddenly and completely died the other day. Not quite how I had planned to spend that particular chunk of change, but at least it waited to break down until all the wedding house-guests had gone home, which is a small mercy.

  2. So time travel is a thing!!! You only moved forward one day, took a nice sunset pic, and returned to us here on May 6th… I’ll bite, how’d you do it?

  3. I spent 4 years undergrad at UD and two years more in various jobs before coming back to Pittsburgh. I’ve travelled across the country by bicycle and motorcycle for months at a time. I am still certain that Ohio sunsets are the best.

  4. I wish I could say it was a good weekend since every thing lined up, meaning I didn’t have to do yet another 7 day work week. 2 days off say YAY! Out of the blue death of a cousin. Not so much YAY as no, don’t punch another wall since it didn’t work out so well the last time.

    For all of you, John and family, and the other Scalzi fans: Enjoy it, take the time to love it, be glad you have it while you can. Things can always be one second too late to say or enjoy.

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