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Reader Request Week 2018 #2: Our Pets and How We Treat Them

Sugar, daintily holding up one paw. pic.twitter.com/xmNTmzUZiR — The Scamperbeasts (@scamperbeasts) April 28, 2018 Bill asks: Given the attachment we humans tend to have with our pets, how do we rationalize the treating them as commodities, food, or things (rather than beings)? I mean, Bill, I hate to be the one to break it to […]

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Reader Request Week 2018 #1: Incels and Other Misogynists

Let’s start off the 2018 Reader Request Week with a topic that several of you were interested in because of recent news, although I’m using Laura’s question to get us started: What are your thoughts on Incels? While I think the type of guy has been around for always, their organizing and magnifying seems different […]

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