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Reader Request Week 2018 #4: Far-Left(?) Scalzi

Calven13 asks: This question would invite all sorts of dumbshittery, I get that, but: how do you suppose a cottage industry in attacking you for being ‘far left’ became a thing? There are actual far left authors they could go after, it’s not like Steven Brust or China Mieville aren’t outspoken. Yeah, but China (wisely) […]

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Reader Request Week 2018 #3: The Reputational Reset, Or Not

Here’s a question from email, from a contributor who asked to remain anonymous (which is one reason, I suppose, it came in email): If you fuck up, how long should you have to spend in the wilderness before you’re allowed to come back? I mean, I think it depends, don’t you? I suspect this question […]

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