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Reader Request Week 2018 #6: The Fall(?!?!?) of Heinlein

Here’s a question sure to be fun for everyone! Gottacook asks: Does it seem to you that consciousness of Robert Heinlein as a singularly influential SF writer has precipitously faded in the past several years? (Not that this would be a surprise, as the 30th anniversary of his death is next week.) Well, and I […]

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Reader Request Week 2018 #5: Who’s Cool and Who’s Not

Kaci asks: Having just read the Twitter post, I’d really like to know your theory of coolness and why some people will never be cool. She’s referring to this Twitter conversation between me and the Washington Post columnist Alyssa Rosenberg: Not everything has to be cool. Coolness is overrated. — Alyssa Rosenberg (@AlyssaRosenberg) May 7, […]

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