Taking the Week Off From the World

Hey there, folks — Just a quick note to say that with the exception of a Big Idea post tomorrow, I’m going to be away from Whatever (and Twitter! and Facebook! and all of social media!) for a week. Why?

a) I’m getting close to final deadline on The Consuming Fire, so I need to mostly focus on that;

b) Work on another as-yet-unrevealed project which also needs my attention;

c) With respect to Whatever, doing a little prep ahead of bringing in Athena as the summer intern, and also to make a few other small changes around here.

Related to above, I’ll also be talking a news break for a week (and possibly through the rest of May) in order to keep my focus on things directly in front of me. For those of you not up on what a “news break” means, it means that I’ll not be checking in on CNN, NYTimes, Washington Post, etc for the duration of the break. My perceptual world will be largely limited to the Scalzi Compound, family and pets. So if you’re hoping for thoughts on whatever damn fool thing the Trump administration is doing, or indeed anything else happening in the world, you’ll have to get them from someone else who isn’t me. This shouldn’t be too difficult for most of you. I mean, I certainly hope I’m not your main source of news.

If for some reason you need to reach me, email will work, but unless you are a close friend and/or business associate with whom I am currently engaged in active business, you should probably expect a delay in response, a very brief response, or both. If you try to reach me on social media, I won’t be there, so you’ll basically be shouting into the void. Sorry.

See you all in a week or so.

1 Comments on “Taking the Week Off From the World”

  1. Comments off on this one because otherwise you’ll be sneaky and try to draw me back in with questions and stuff.

    Yeah, I’m on to you, people.

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