Easing Back Into the World

Here are some lovely photos I took whilst I was away from the world. Enjoy!

Hope you had a good week.

14 Comments on “Easing Back Into the World”

  1. “Hope you had a good week”.
    We did not. We are glad to see you back, however you might want to consider another “sabbatical”…

  2. Welcome back, I hope it was a successful week for you. I particularly like the rainbow edging on the cloud in the first pic.

  3. Oh, hey, there’s that lady from the plane! I guess the flirting went well. Is she nice? She looks nice.

  4. Great week. Reported today to my final Monday in the professional workforce. Just 9 more contract days and I am retired. Two weeks from today I am in Victoria, BC, Canada, looking for an apartment for my retirement years. Yep, been a good week and Monday.

  5. Away from the world? Looks like you were *IN* the world, and away from the Internet! ;-)

    Also: I think I’m even more impressed with your Photoshop skills than with your photography skills. Nicely done!

  6. Got 50 pages translated, so it was a fine week, work-wise. The larger world keeps breaking my heart. Welcome back.

  7. Looks like you found your center grasshopper…
    Your world is always around you. Just take the time to see it. Its the other stuff that is the illusion. (even if it pays the mortgage)

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