Hello, Whatever World!

Howdy, y’all. Today is my first day as my dad’s intern, and this is my first Whatever post! My dad is off writing some silly book or something along those lines, and because he is busy he tends to neglect this website a little bit, so I am here to ensure that posts are posted and readers are reading (and, of course, enjoying).

If you’d like to know a little about me, in case you have never seen anything on here regarding me, my name is Athena Scalzi. I am nineteen years old, an only child, a Capricorn, left-handed, and I love reading, writing, photography, baking/cooking, and looking at the stars. My favorite color is purple, my favorite animal is a tiger or a snow leopard (they’re both equally adorable and fluffy and could murder you), and my favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Generally I think I will be posting movie reviews, anime reviews, book reviews, things like that, along with some of my photography and my daily adventures in this oh so exciting life. I’m sure I’ll also post some pictures or recipes every once in a while of things I whip up in the kitchen. In regards to this, there has been some speculation as to whether or not I am as monstrous as my father when it comes to burritos, and I can finally assure you all, I am no heathen. I am a Burrito-Purist and my father’s inventions horrify and appall me.

Overall, I am very excited to be here and look forward to writing for this blog. I sincerely hope you all enjoy what I have to offer and that I give thoughtful contributions to this site, or “whatever”!

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  1. Welcome Athena! I, for one, am super excited to see what you contribute to the site. After reading about you for, basically, forever from your dad, it will be great to “hear your voice”. Hi!

  2. Left-handed, eh?
    The left is good. All is reversed, it will make your enemies more awkward.

  3. Can we submit books for review? Mine are essentially anime in book form. Would love to chat with you about this offline.

  4. Lefties of the world unite! I look forward to your contributions to the site.

  5. Welcome, Athena! I’m looking forward to your input here. Most of all, I congratulate you on resisting the chaotic evil monstrosities Mr. Scalzi creates with a tortilla.

  6. Cheezit, everybody, there’s a new sheriff in town!

    Welcome Athena. Finally! Someone to start classing up the joint! (Besides pictures of you and your Mom, of course.)

  7. “_Hello_, Whatever _World_” … don’t imagine that this just slipped by.

    And, thank you for taking this internship, no matter how sketchy the proprietor seems.

  8. Yay!
    Glad to see you taking up your new duties, Athena. I look forward to seeing how the next generation of Scalzis approaches the work of connecting and communicating.
    I hope you’ll also share some of your own creative work- writing, photography, etcetera- as well as your views and responses to the strange world we live in.

  9. Gee- never be able to tell who your sire might be! Welcome and all the best. Looks like you’ve got this.

  10. Welcome aboard, Athena. I am looking forward to reading your posts!

  11. A Burrito Purist! Hallelujah! :) Happy to see you here and may your time here be as enjoyable for you as it clearly is for Scalzi the Elder.

  12. It’s wonderful to have a Burrito Purist and hopefully you’ll have editing rights on all things Burrito!

  13. Can’t support your color choices, but happy to see the blog in good (left) hands :)
    Good luck with your internship. Hope it’s a first step in an enjoyable journey.

  14. Looking forward to the Thinky-Thoughts of a 19 yr old in 2018 (the waning years of the Noughties/Naughties).

    Word of advice: Upper management may not approve of referring to the hand that feeds you as “silly book”

    And welcome to you, too. As a nascent writer with an adult child, I’m ridiculously excited about you interning for your dad. We’ve never met, but I have this weird godparent-like interest, having … watched? … you grow up here. Hope you enjoy it as much as your dad seems to!

  16. I’m excited to see how far the apple fell from the tree. (I hope you get Health Benefits, Vacation and Sick Time, oh, and Holiday Pay–Happy Memorial Day to that!)

  17. Good to hear that someone, presumably your mother, gave you some decent eating habits.

  18. I’m in – we southpaws have to stick together of course but I have seen enough of your tangential contributions to Whatever to know we are all in for a real treat.

  19. A Capricorn and a purple lover! We’re practically twins (if you ignore the fact I’m nearly 30 years older *g*) Welcome aboard the crazy train, I hope you enjoy your summer and the boss isn’t too hard on you!

  20. Athena, you are an instant hit. I sense a great future for you if you get hooked into this blogging thing. Bon Chance!

  21. Hope you enjoy your time here! I’m looking forward to reading your posts and seeing the photos you want to share with us. Recipes are welcome, too!

  22. How do you do. I’m looking forward to this era new of traditional burritos and anime reviews. How is the spring season treating you- I’ve got high hopes for Hinamatsuri, Golden Kamui, GeGeGe no Kitaro, and I’m pretty happy with Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Crossing Time, and Comic Girls.

  23. Hey everyone! It’s so amazing to see all these awesome comments. It’s only been half an hour and yet there are a ton of really nice replies! I couldn’t ask for a more welcoming audience, thank you all!

  24. Hello Athena, I think it will be very interesting seeing what you bring to Whatever. Looking forward to it. Your sensible attitude toward burritos is a very promising beginning

  25. “I am a Burrito-Purist and my father’s inventions horrify and appall me.”

    Then the sins will die with the father. And so the child eclipses the parent; it is the way of things.

  26. Great to have you with us on Whatever, Athena! I’m looking forward to your contributions.

    I’ve been reading your dad’s blog long enough to remember when you were Mingette the Merciless, which brings up a question: Has your father shown you where he keeps the Mallet of Loving Correction?

  27. Who’s swinging the sacred mallet? This is one of very few sites where it’s pleasant to read the comments, but of course, that’s been due to your dad’s vigilance over the years. Are you wielding the woodwork now?

  28. I suppose I will find out soon enough, but am very curious about what you like to read. Welcome aboard. Does home feel different after a year away?

  29. Well met, Athena! We share a love of purple and great cats, so I think that gets things off to a fantastic start already. I will look forward to seeing what insights into the world you bring with you. I hope you enjoy yourself!

  30. Seconding that the “_Hello_, Whatever _World_” … did not just slip by unnoticed. Welcome!

  31. Welcome Athena.

    First thing your Employer needs to do is ensure you have the proper equipment starting with a Mallet of Loving correction (Junior Version)

  32. Dear Athena,

    Welcome, and finally everyone will stop talking about you in the third person, like you were a potted plant!

    (I really hated that when I was a kid. Come to think of it, I would’ve hated more when I was an adult… but they stopped).

    “Looking at stars…” As an amateur astronomer with telescope or simply like looking at stars?

    – pax \ Ctein
    [ Please excuse any word-salad. Dragon Dictate in training! ]
    — Ctein’s Online Gallery. http://ctein.com 
    — Digital Restorations. http://photo-repair.com 

  33. Welcome! We promise to be kind and thoughtful… BWAAA HAAA HAAA!! No really… (Suppressed laughter)… Honestly… :)

  34. Welcome Athena! (which is odd that we’re welcoming you to your own (well your dad’s own) website)

    Parenthetically said.

    Anyway. :)

  35. Hello, Athena! Normally I don’t approve of young people, but will make an exception. Your attitude re: burritos indicates good taste and a respect for tradition; I’ll overlook that as well.


  36. Merrick Green:

    I’m giving Athena a free hand to review books if she wants to, yes. I will continue to not review them here.


    Regarding the Mallet, yes, Athena will have the ability to moderate comments on her own posts (and I will also be checking in on them from time to time).

  37. Welcome. Looking forward to your input into the Whatever. Does the internship include travel with your boss to conventions this summer?

  38. Hi Athena,

    Just adding to all the other people saying, “Congrats.” “Nice to see you here.” and “Watch out for your boss, I hear he’s a terrible, terrible person.”

    All Best,

  39. Ooh, anime reviews! The last one I saw was Yuri!! on Ice (I think because Roxane Gay recommended it on twitter?), and I think you mentioned liking it too. I need more recommendations! It takes so long to sort out what’s worth watching these days that I end up not watching anything.

  40. Hello!

    Adding to the chorus of welcomes. :)

    I also love baking, and look forward to your creations. My recommendations for where to look for more ideas: bacon fat spice cookies (from Fat by Jennifer McLagan) – taste like baked ham in cookie form. So tasty, and surprisingly good for pressing into cookie molds. Also, Nerdy Nummies (on YouTube or the blog or the physical cookbook). If you haven’t seen it, it’s the most awesomely nerdy thing out there – recipes like circuit board cake and rupee candies. (entirely edible)

    Have fun!!!

  41. AWK=_-_BLEH@#@#@# PTOOIE ptooie PTOOIE (this in response to Dave Crisp, above. Pizza and pineapple. NononoNONONONO!)

    Meanwhile, let me add my welcome and say I look forward to your posts. I notice you’re signed in as ATHENASCALZI and I’m glad (but not surprised) you’re posting under your own name.

  42. Hi, Athena! The burrito call is a no brained. But plain or cinnamon churros?

  43. Welcome! I hope you have as much fun as we all do. Looking forward to your posts.

  44. Well, if you want to be bombarded with potential additions to your summer reading list, just let us know what types of books you’re willing to review and what your review request submission criteria are.

  45. Hi, Athena.
    Delighted to make your acquaintance.
    I look forward to your posts.
    Have fun with it and see where that takes us.

  46. Welcome, Ms. Scalzi! I am delighted that you’re getting some real-world hands-on experience with herding cats – errm, I mean moderating a lively blog site – and I am equally delighted that the blog’s owner is delegating some of his tasks so he can focus on other areas.

    I am eager to see and read whatever you decide to share with us, but will admit to a special interest in your cooking and recipe commentary. I understand that cooking is not a favorite activity of the site’s owner, but I do enjoy cooking (on a very inexpert level) and am intrigued to learn more about how you approach it. Am also profoundly relieved to learn that you are a Burrito Purist, as I am.

    May your internship be both educational and remunerative, Ms. Scalzi, and I hope that the experience offers you useful data in charting your course through life!

  47. “…anime reviews…”

    *Head whips around*
    *Hype intensifies*

    Actually I don’t watch much anime anymore, but about ten years ago I was really into it and watched a whole bunch. Not really up on the current scene much (although I did watch “Haikyuu” recently, about a high school volleyball team, it’s great!), would be interested to hear about what kind of stuff you young whippersnappers are watching. My own tastes tend toward the heavy-handed thinky ones like Mushi-shi, Ghost in the Shell, Paranoia Agent, with the occasional fantasy adventure like Moribito or comedy like Ouran High School Host Club. My very favorite is one called Texhnolyze, which I’ve watched five times and yet still confuses me.

    But the real question is: what are your thoughts on subs vs dubs? (I’m a dubs guy)

  48. ‘Some silly book’!
    Glad to have you here! I look forward to being entertained by you over the summer.

  49. Hi! The very first post of your dad’s blog I read had you making Schadenfreude Pie. I remember being tickled pink that your folks had named you Athena.

  50. You look like your beautiful mother! (Not a word against John, of course. Not at all. But, well, um, mutter, mutter.)

    I hope it’s going to be fun for you writing here, as much as it’s going to be for us reading. (Oh, and, since you’re a professional, how about changing the saying below the blog title now and again? It used to change, but it’s been stuck on fascists since, well, I think since the fascists took over!)

    It’s great to see you here.

  51. as a fellow sinister, anime lover, bookwrym and general all around nerd, welcome. i look forward to your posts

  52. Welcome Athena! Or is it Zoe? Please quickly check if you were raised by aliens.

  53. Ah, here we go! (Rubs hands together.) I’m sure you’ll be brilliant!

  54. It is so odd because I have seen you grow up as if you were family. That is probably even odder for you. Sadly, your old man set a pretty high bar for you but if I have read your growth right that should be no problem for you. It will be exciting to see you carry on. Welcome.

  55. Welcome and I am also a Capricorn (Christmas baby) and I also love big cats though my favorite is the cheetah. I am looking forward to your posts.

  56. Welcome! As a college professor who still has 3 weeks to go in the school year, I’m jealous. But I am also looking forward to hearing your longer thoughts. (I follow you on Twitter.)

  57. Welcome Athena! Glad to have a young voice to contrast with dear old dad’s. My wife too is a Capricorn (Christmas baby) and left-handed. I myself am right-handed and as a result we work well together as a team, as I am sure will be the case with you and your dad. Good luck!

  58. Welcome, and congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your posts; I’ve certainly enjoyed John’s thoughtful posts over the years.

  59. Welcome!
    Keep your Dad busy writing those silly books so I can keep silly reading them.
    “I am a Burrito-Purist …my father’s inventions horrify and appall me.”
    Good Girl!

  60. Good luck in this new part of your life Athena. And remember these words if your boss gives you a hard time…. “I’ll tell mom!!!”

  61. Welcome, Athena!

    I notice that you get the fancy green background for your replies, while Dad gets the plain white background. That’s quite the status upgrade. Now, you need to get your photo in the background.

  62. Welcome, Athena! I am delighted to see that you share your progenitor’s acerbic wit, and I look forward to your unique perspectives. :-)

  63. Hi, Athena! I’m an only child as well, although was thankfully spared the burritos (mileage varies). I loved surprising everyone who had gotten used to seeing me as my parents’ kid by being myself/my own voice in the world. I have no doubt you’ve been doing that IRL for ages; it’s great to see you doing it here. Have a splendid time!

  64. Hello, Athena! It’s been a pleasure reading about you in this space over the years. I’m looking forward to your own book reviews, recipes, and whatever other thoughts you decide to share.

  65. I am looking forward to reading further posts. Welcome, have fun and I hope you don’t need the Mallet that often (but don’t be afraid to use it).
    I am looking forward to the bookreviews (always a good way to learn of new great thinks).
    But the have fun is the most important part.

  66. As all say, welcome aboard. Oh, and don’t forget to post cat pictures. We are suckers for cat pictures. After all, wan’t the internet invented so we could all post cat pictures. Purrrr.

  67. Hi Athena,

    If you don’t mind some unsolicited advice from an elder, I suggest you join the union. That employer of yours looks pretty suspicious to me.

  68. Welcome, Athena! I remember reading about your birth here on Whatever!

    If you’re doing book reviews, I’d be very curious what you think of the collected works of a certain science fiction author (who may or may not live in the house you grew up in). ;-)

    Good luck!

  69. I am insanely jealous.

    I have four children, the youngest being only a year or so younger than you. Not one of them would take me up on my offer of an internship. I paid my eldest to learn book marketing for me, but as she was too busy to teach it to me it was… I don’t want to say wasted, but certainly not an investment in my business, perhaps an investment in my daughter.

    I am now almost exclusively ghostwriting because my marketing skills are non-existent.

    How wonderful that you are taking pity on your father and taking over some of his duties. I would hold you up as an example to my children if I thought it would do any good. It would not. It seems Neuroscientists and Engineers are not really interested in writerly pursuits.

    So very courageous of you to take us all on.

  70. Welcome fellow Capricorn.
    I’m always game to try a new recipe.
    FWIW, I hope it doesn’t appall you that I can see some of your father’s writing style in your brief introduction, ala .,,”(they’re both equally adorable and fluffy and could murder you)”.

  71. I like the use of y’all.

    Athena, I see some people are pleased about you doing anime reviews. I always laugh to tell people that when I go to an (anime/Japanese pop culture) weekend convention then I am one of the few people there over age 30. So I think your reviews could maybe include basic information for the older generation.

    To illustrate: When I was in university reviewing, say, a children’s play I might explain to undergrads that such plays often include a player asking the audience, “where did he go?”

  72. I for two or three (or a hundred and twenty) Welcome our new Athena overlord.

    I do not totally object to any alleged burritos unless they have any hint of pepperiness. Pepper is just evil in anything, burrito or not. Pineapple even on a pizza is okay. Ham must be eyed askance. Yes, yes, I understand that everyone’s mileage varies, but everyone but me must just be wrong then, mustn’t they.

  73. Frankly says
    “It is so odd because I have seen you grow up as if you were family. That is probably even odder for you.”

    That’s nothing – I suggested to my son, who is the same age as Athena, many years ago when they were much younger and this was a cute rather than creepy suggestion, that he should marry Athena so I could become part of the family. Alas, we live on literally the opposite side of the planet, and none of us have ever met, and he and Athena seem to have other plans. Oh well ;)

  74. Hi Athena- great to see you at the helm and I’m sure you’ll do a brilliant job. I certainly agree your father made some very dubious culinary choices, and I m glad to see you are not of the same ilk.Dont forget the cat pictures, though!

  75. Welcome! Happy to see your post.

    I seem to recall that you were weight lifting for a while, you still doing that?

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