New Books and ARCs, 5/21/18

Here you go, folks: Another very fine stack of new books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. What here is catching your eye? Tell us in the comments!

30 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/21/18”

  1. I loves me some anthologies.

    Also, are you going to comment on the Arthur C. Clarke short list announced a few weeks ago? Good stuff there.

  2. It’s been forever since John Varley wrote an Eight Worlds novel, so I’m in.

  3. I think I met Neil Clarke at a Capclave a few years ago, and he seemed like a decent fellow.

    I’d be interested to see what he’s put into an anthology.

  4. A new John Ringo? Always a highlight in any literary calendar.

  5. A new John Varley? Had to do a double take on that one. And it’s an Eight Worlds novel? Now I can’t breathe!

  6. @ Anthony Cunningham
    “A Hymn Before Battle” is the first book in Ringo’s Aldenata series. I assume this is a new reprint?

  7. That’s not really a “new John Ringo”. It’s an old John Ringo novel that used to be part of the Baen Free Library (and maybe still is, I didn’t check), in which the second edition has two chapters of a story about a kid entitled Travails with Momma, with subsequent chapters found in the second edition of Gust Front, another John Ringo novel that used to be part of the Baen Free Library. From what I understand, this allows Baen to sell a copy of A Hymn Before Battle at Amazon for a non-zero amount, even if there’s a copy available for free at the Baen Free Library.

  8. Eeeee! Seems like I’ve been waiting for the new Eight Worlds book from John Varley for… Oh, it’s literally been twenty years since the last one. I am old.
    This illogically gives me a little hope that I might live to someday read Gerrold’s A Method for Madness.

  9. A new Varley is always great, but a new Eight Worlds novel? I squee with delight.

    Thomas Ligotti is also great and I think that the Carrie Vaughn book is the sequel to Bannerless, which I just finished and it was pretty good.

  11. New Varley at last! Why is it so thin though? Teeny teeny typeface on microscopically thin paper? His books always make me wish they’d never end, especially his Eight Worlds tales.

  12. I’m very excited to see the Varley book even though I’ve know it’s been coming for awhile.

  13. Hello from a long-time Whatever reader who happens to be blind. I’ve been loathe to ask for this until now, but given that Whatever now has its first intern (Hello Athena!), would it be possible to add a typed list of books/authors to these posts for those of us who can’t see the picture? Many thanks in advance. Hope to hear you again at the National Book Festival.

  14. It’s not in the pile, but PSA: Bujold has a new Vorkosigan novella out in ebook form, “The Flowers of Vashnoi” which apparently came out like a week ago to no fanfare whatsoever.

  15. The Wild Dead by Carrie Vaughn! I shall go and do a library hold now, but I thought whatever the heck, I’ll throw my comment in the list. I’m feeling lucky — all that royal wedding watching has given me a very positive world view. I could win!

  16. Carrie Vaughn? Yay! Varley? Yay! Eight Worlds Varley? Nerdgasm achieved! Also recommend Ringo for those not repelled by his politics.

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