Music Time!

Hello, everyone! Today I’d like to introduce you to some songs I really enjoy, by an artist named Sam Tinnesz. I have composed a little playlist of my five personal favorite songs of his. His music is dark, intense, ominous, melodic, honestly almost hypnotizing, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The first song I ever heard by him was “Play With Fire”. It is also my favorite of his. Figured we should start off strong! This is the only song of his I have heard that has a female voice in it alongside his. I think the main reason it is my favorite is because it was the first one I heard, and the only one of his I listened to for a good while before I decided to give his other stuff a try. “Play With Fire” has a killer rhythm, a powerful chorus, a dark edge to it, and great lyrics.

If you’re wondering how I found this song, I got it from this amazing Black Butler (my favorite anime) edit:

The second song I have chosen is called “Heart of the Darkness”. This one is much calmer, more melodic sounding, and not as intense. One downside to it is that it is pretty repetitive, but if you’re looking for a song that is easy to learn the lyrics to, that probably won’t bother you. I think this particular song really showcases his voice more so than some of the others, though he doesn’t have a crazy range to begin with, I still find it pleasant.

For the third song, I’ve chosen one that is a little more similar to “Play With Fire”, as it is more upbeat than “Heart of the Darkness”. It is called “Legends Are Made”, and I really like the lyrics in this one. I can see this one being played in the background of a movie during a pre-battle scene.

For the fourth song, I chose “Bloody City”. If you liked the dark edge in “Play With Fire”, you will love how ominous and creepy this one is. The occasional spooky sound in the background mixed with the rhythmic music is seriously awesome and somewhat chilling. The lyrics don’t flow amazingly well, which is why this is number four on the list.

Okay, last one! For the fifth and final piece, I chose something that sounds completely different from the other four. The tone of this one is so much softer, slower, and has almost none of the same elements as the previous four. This one is called “Hold On For Your Life”. I find this one to be somewhat depressing sounding, it honestly made me tear up a little bit because I imagined it being put to a heartfelt death scene in a movie. The main instrument in “Hold On For Your Life” is a piano, which differs greatly from most of his other songs. It is very beautiful and emotion-inducing, in my opinion, but also has that same issue of being slightly too repetitive.

So, there you have it! Those are my top five picks from Sam Tinnesz. If you enjoy any of these or find other songs by him you like, leave a comment! Hope you enjoyed listening to these and also hope you have a great day!

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  1. Oh my, I’d already commented on your first post that I was excited for your anime reviews; now you’re even posting AMVs (anime music videos!). Boy did I ever get deep into that scene. I have literally hundreds of them saved to my hard drive. And I too have found many a song I liked from such fan edits.

    I could rattle off dozens of my favorites off the top of my head without breaking a sweat, but I’ll share only two, since this isn’t about me, after all (both of these also introduced me to songs I hadn’t heard before but now love). Hopefully someone will enjoy them:

    [AMV France] Memory Flash 3: Into the Mirror (anime: multiple, music: “The Walk” by Imogen Heap)

    [Otaku Lounge Productions] One-Eyed Fish (anime: Mushishi, music: “The Last of the Wilds” by Nightwish)

    I’ve never watched Black Butler but certainly know of it. I’ll have to add it to my list.

  2. I really like his sound… at least what little I was able to listen to while at work. Downloading his Babel album to my phone so I can listen on the way home. Thanks for sharing.

  3. He uses fuzzy keyboard sounds and I’m a sucker for fuzzy keyboard sounds. Well, I’m a sucker for fuzzy sounds in general.

    These all pretty much sound like they’d fit right into the buildup scene in an action series.

  4. Out of these five, I liked “Heart of Darkness” the best, and maybe “Hold on for Your Life” second best. Thanks for posting this; I’m going to explore his music more and probably at least pick up one or both of those. They’re good for when I’m feeling moody, methinks. ;-)

  5. Definitely enjoyed Play With Fire, as did my wife. We will definitely be checking out more of Sam’s work. That might work its way into my writing playlist Real Soon Now…


  6. I liked this and I concur that he should be doing music for movies BIG TIME.

  7. I liked Play With Fire and Legends Are Made and the sad tearjerker and subscribed to his channel on youtube. Awesome recommendation!

  8. Thanks you I like Legends are made and Hold on for your life best.
    No Opinion on Heart of the Darkness, because Video not avaiible