View From a Hotel Window, 5/23/18: Phoenix

There is a parking lot below the building at the front, but I decided not to feature it in the photo. Hey! Not every “view from a hotel window” photo has to have a parking lot.

Reminder to everyone here in the Phoenix area that tonight at 7 I will be at the Poisoned Pen, along with many many other authors, signing books, and tomorrow through Sunday I’ll be at Phoenix Comic Fest, doing panels, signing books and generally hanging about. Come see me at one or the other.

5 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 5/23/18: Phoenix”

  1. Bit of a long drive, John Seven hours unless I gamble on the (rather sparse) patrol population.

    On the other hand, you wouldn’t by any chance plan to be around for Bubonicon would you?

  2. It’s okay, we can see a parking lot in the distance anyway. And if all else fails, I’m sure there’s on-street parking as well. *grin*

  3. Actually, no unmetered on-street parking in that part of Phoenix. On the other hand, Phoenix is basically a parking lot interspersed with occasional buildings. With a few exceptions where government got crazy and went to multistory garages, it’s all street-level lots (which are taxed way below actual market value, but will convert to highrises with the proper persuasion.)

  4. What time do you normally wake up? In order to be able to do these book signings into the late evening and night?

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