Have Some Photos!

Good evening, everyone! Today I’ve been really busy with schoolwork and running errands, and I realized I should probably post something before it gets to be too late in the day, since not everyone is as much of a night owl as I tend to be.

For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you guys some of my photography! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a few of these, but if you don’t, or you just happened to miss them, here is a few of my favorites!

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Stairs to nowhere.

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An oil spill of rainbows.

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I mostly like to take pictures of flowers and scenery, but I really like cloud and sunrise/sunset photos, too. Hopefully this summer I’ll use some of my free time to take more pictures of nature-y things!

If you have any awesome pictures of yours you’d like to show me, put them in the comments and I’ll check them out. Have a great day!

25 Comments on “Have Some Photos!”

  1. Great photos. I really like the stairs to nowhere. It’s kinda mysterious but not creepy.

  2. Girl’s got photo-chops! Great work! This kind of texture and depth is a natural gift, methinks. Beautiful!

  3. These are really beautiful, and I commend your skill! (I speak as someone who is naturally *bad* at taking photos. *grin*) The “stairs to nowhere” and last photo (sorry, I have no idea what that structure is…) are particularly striking, but they’re all lovely.

  4. They is lovely (sorry to pick on the intern). Seriously though, they really are lovely.

  5. I am always fascinated with architectural photos for the lines and intersections, so while I think they are all beautiful, my favorite is the tower. As a bonus, you captured a great sky behind it.

  6. I’m a pretty opportunistic photographer, I still haven’t read the manual for my camera and tend to shoot on gut instinct. I need to buy a non-zoom lens so I can play with focal length.
    I like the shots on Alcatraz best, I think. Lots of nice contrast.

  7. Decent photos – For some reason the 4 hours after sunrise and the 4 hours before sunset seem to have the best effect in the photos I take. My photos after 10 AM suck. Your mileage may vary. Also immediately after a cold front rolls through, the clear air and light also seems to produce good photos.

  8. Woah! I especially like the trees, which really do look like they’re on fire (which made me do a double-take, then I realized it wasn’t actually fire). :-)

  9. @Clippership: That sounds like you’re thinking of the Golden Hour – the Wiki article on it is a good starting point for the basics if you’re interested. Basically it’s just about how the light diffuses when the sun is lower in the sky.

    (Not a photographer but was quite interested in this topic for a time a few years ago)

  10. John, while you’re in Albuquerque in August make some time to get up to the top of the Sandias (maybe the tramway runs in the summer) and if you’re lucky you’ll see what storm cells do in the Rio Grande valley — it’s like pinballs, but lots bigger and with attitude.

    Alternately, the VLA is about two hours from the Marriott. On August afternoons there are clouds chasing each other all around over the Plains of St. Augustin. Plus, of course, the radiotelescope array. Look east from the VLA to the top of the Magdalenas and you can spot the shiny dome of one of the optical telescopes there; this summer we’ll be getting the first elements of a new optical interferometric telescope up and collecting.

  11. Nice pictures. I plantly copy the good eye and that I like the rainbow one. The first one is older (looks like autumn to me) am I right?

  12. Please tell me that really is the sky that was on fire, because it looks far too much like a wildfire for my living-in-wildfire-prone-country for my comfort! Great picture either way, of course. :)