And Now, a Quick Update From Phoenix

Actually, everything is groovy. Wednesday was “Elevengeddon” at the Poisoned Pen bookstore, in which more than eleven authors signed books for people, and yesterday was given over to a couple of panels and then mostly hanging out with friends. Above you will see my friend Olivia, being force choked by Darth Vader. That Vader. What a jerk. Today is more panels and hanging out. As is Saturday! As is Sunday! You sense a pattern.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is going to be a fabulous one. If you have any particular plans for it you feel like sharing, well, that’s what the comment thread is for.

6 Comments on “And Now, a Quick Update From Phoenix”

  1. I didn’t know you were at the Poisoned Pen! Are you attending more public events in the Phoenix metro this weekend? If so, where?

  2. You can’t fool us. We saw the picture in your twitter feed with the helmet off. It is not Darth Vader, but rather Darth Scalzi that is doing this nefarious deed.

    Have fun at the con and it looks like your new intern is doing a great job

  3. One of these days I’m going to be able to make it to the same event you are, John! In the meantime I’m just building up my own site and writing. You know how it goes…

  4. Spending the weekend in Rancho Santa Fe, hanging out while my better half attends to a few businessy things. I’m definitely getting the better part of the deal. And the sun is out, a rarity these past weeks in Pasadena.

  5. I thought she was throwing herself into Darth Vader arms from 5 feet away, but OK.

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