Headed Home + Posting Through 6/15

I’m sitting here in Sky Harbor, getting ready for the trek home. With any luck I’ll be there early evening. Without luck I will be stranded in DFW. I’m hoping for luck.

Phoenix Comic Fest, where I’ve been for the last several days, was a lovely time with lovely people and I’m glad to have come back after a few years of missing it. That said, it will be nice to be home. It will also be nice to stay home too — I don’t have any travel for a month, which I think may be a recent record. This is a very good thing, as I have a book to finish.

Along that line, I am in final crunch time for the next book, so for the next couple of weeks at least I will be scarce and/or very brief around here. The good news is, Whatever has an intern. So enjoy her posts and wish me luck on finishing the book. Thanks.

12 Comments on “Headed Home + Posting Through 6/15”

  1. Best of luck in your travel home and book-finishing! Your intern’s posts have been very entertaining, so good choice there.

  2. I’d hate to break it to you, John, but, this time, you won’t be missed. ;-) Athena is doing a great job!

  3. Good Luck on your writing. May your humor bubble through any self imposed pressure. Looks like you’ll miss the tropical storm. DFW always has some friendly people and can provide an opportunity to get in a nice walk. Have an awesome trip home.

  4. Safe travels to you, and I send you my best wishes for a satisfyingly productive time as you wind up the book. I freely acknowledge that is partially selfish of me, as I am very much looking forward to this next volume, but I do genuinely wish you the satisfaction of successfully completing a major task.

    Your summer intern is doing an exemplary job of keeping things ticking over on the site while you focus your efforts elsewhere, so we’ll enjoy her commentary for as long as she can put up with us. See you in the latter part of June.

  5. Regret not getting to meet you while in my hometown. There was just too much critical life situations happening. Hopefully, next time I’ll get to pop in with a churro or sugar free coke as a welcoming gift to the Valley of the Sun.

    Travel home safe, and finish that novel in style!

    Athena sure is refreshing this webhome with some great variety. We still miss you, but Whatever is getting spruced up nicely. Great intern!

  6. Is that a car park?
    No, it’s a plane park.
    Mind you that’s not a hotel room window, even though many people may sleep by it.

  7. Good luck with the travel, looking forward to the book, glad to have a worthy intern.

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