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YouTube Shorts

If there’s one thing I love, it’s animated shorts. I have a pretty short attention span, so I particularly like watching shorts because they have so much to offer in such a short amount of time. Most shorts don’t have dialogue in them, or if they do it’s very limited, or sometimes the characters sing a song instead. This generally means shorts have pretty good music in the background, since that’s usually all the viewer hears.

I love shorts because you can watch one after the other, which can be dangerous if you’re procrastinating or just not good at keeping track of time If I’m bored and have some time to kill, I go through shorts like crazy.

So today I’m going to share with you five shorts I really enjoy!

This first one, “Yours or Mine”, is definitely one of my favorites. It’s on the shorter side of shorts, and is exciting and fun. The music is perfect for it, and I love this animation style. I think the plot is cute and the end is unexpected, and I think the addition of the end credit shots was a great inclusion.

Another of my all-time favorites is “Butter Lover”. This one is one of the few I’ve seen that has a lot of dialogue. Again, this is a drawing style I happen to love, even more so than the previous one. I think it’s drawn so smoothly and I love the characters’ designs. One of them has purple hair! How can you not love that? Another thing I love about this one is the plot is so out there, so bizarre, you definitely will not see this end coming. Also, make sure you watch until the very end for the end scene!

Are you ready for the funniest short you’ve ever seen? Here it is, “Death Buy Lemonade”! Another seriously short short, this adorable animation features one of my favorite things, the personification of death. There’s a cute little background tune that isn’t too distracting, and I think the title is perfect. I will be very surprised if you don’t laugh at the end.

This next one is called “Love Bites”. It’s cute and drawn pretty well, and the plot is humorous, if not a little messed up. I think the title is clever and just generally think it’s a pretty good one!

For the last short, I’ve chosen “Overweight”. All of the previous ones are funny, cute, and generally light-hearted. To end, I thought I’d choose one with a deeper meaning, one that isn’t comical. I feel that this one in particular has a message that relates a lot to current events, and I think it should be taken to heart.

There it is, five shorts I thought were really worth sharing! I hope you all enjoy them. Be sure to tell me which is your favorite in the comments, and if you would like to recommend one, I’ll be sure to try and check it out. Have a great day!


The First Strawberries of Summer

Technically, the first strawberries of late spring, as we’ve got a four weeks to go to solstice. But here in the US our cultural summer is Memorial Day to Labor Day, so, well, here we are, with these very nice strawberries from the little patch we have right in the front of our lawn. Like most strawberries that are not outsized monstrosities, they are packed with flavor, and these are also delightfully tart.

Also last night I saw the first fireflies of the year. Which is another “yup, it’s summer” sign for me. I’ll be trying to take some pictures of those soon. We’ll see how it goes.

What is your “first sign of summer”?

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