Monthly Archives: May 2018

An Actual Conversation I Had This Morning

Me (answering the phone): This is John Scalzi. Person on the other end: Mr. Scalzi, I’m from your doctor’s office. We have the results of the cholesterol test you took earlier this week. The doctor wanted to tell you that your cholesterol is within the acceptable range, that you’re at slightly lower-than-average risk, and that […]

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Old Office Chair, New Office Chair

Spare a moment in your day to think upon my (now) old office chair, pictured above, which is about to take its journey to the great beyond (which in this case is probably a landfill or being trash picked). Krissy picked it out for me in 2010 or so, when I redid the office in […]

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New Books and ARCs, 5/1/18

To inaugurate a new month, here is this lovely stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What’s calling to you from this stack? Tell us in the comments, please!

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First of May, First of May

And you know what that means! In this case, it means me slaughtering Jonathan Coulton’s classic song with my own one-take version! (Note: If you’ve never heard this song, it, uhhhh, has profanity.) And here’s the original, if you want to hear an actual professional do it, along with some pretty groovy ASL translation: Also, […]

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