Sunset, 6/1/18

Almost a platonic ideal of a sunset, really.

Have a great weekend, folks. I’ll be spending mine writing.

8 Comments on “Sunset, 6/1/18”

  1. You probably don’t care but about a hundred and twelve years ago I published a poem with a line about “the platonic ideal of a sunset.” I thought I was so so clever. (I was..19? 19 getting paid for a poem is not so bad. Whether the poem is actually aesthetically any good or not….) Anyway. Wanted you to know you stole my line! No I flashed back to it. Lovely.

  2. Wait it was the platonic ideal of a pancake. Yeah. Sorry. That’s why I thought it was clever when I was 19 lol Sorry.

  3. Write like a demon this weekend. Me, I watch my seniors graduate, turn in the cap and gown, and then become fully retired after a 45 year professional career. That’s the plan for Saturday. Sunday? Fly to Victoria, BC, Canada, from West Texas to look for retirement housing. Not a particularly normal weekend, not at all. Keep writing Sir Scalzi. You can have a normal writing weekend.

  4. Gorgeous! May I snag it to use as my phone wallpaper? I looked around to see if you had a statement about personal use of your photos, and didn’t find anything.

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