More Photography!

Happy 2nd of June! Today I am very busy cleaning out my closet and sorting things that I brought home from college, so I’m going to share some more of my photos with you! Last time, there was a lot of people asking what camera and lenses I use. Everything on the last post and in this post were taken on my iPhone 7 and edited with Instagram, so nothing fancy.

To kick it off, here’s some flowers I thought were pretty:

Sunset photo sans the sun:

The clouds have been seriously crazy lately, example 1:

And example 2:

And last, but not least, another sunset photo without the sun in it (I prefer taking pictures of the clouds than the sun):

So, there’s five photos I thought y’all would enjoy! Have a great rest of the weekend!

12 Comments on “More Photography!”

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    good photos

  3. Mackerel sky because the clouds look like the pattern on a mackerel’s belly – try Google images. And good pix!

  4. Happily for us, photographically speaking, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Gorgeous pictures!

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