Portrait of the Artist On Deadline, 6/9/18

I have exactly one week to finish The Consuming Fire. I have, well. A lot to go to be done. I am taking this picture now so you have an idea of what I look like as I begin this marathon sprint. When I finish the book, I will take another picture. I think the contrast may end up being instructive.

Wish me luck. Don’t expect to see much of me between now and then.


25 Comments on “Portrait of the Artist On Deadline, 6/9/18”

  1. Your hair isn’t unkempt and you’re still shaving. You’re doing a lot better than I do on deadline!

  2. You can do it! We’re all pulling for you! This is the only book other than The Expanse that I’m looking forward to this year.

  3. Sending thoughts of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration your way, with hopes for a satisfyingly successful outcome.

    And thank you, sir, for doing what you do, because there are a whole lot of us who really, really, REALLY enjoy the result. We will happily possess our souls in patience while you toil, especially since you had the sagacity to hire such a terrific intern to post here while you are otherwise occupied.

  4. I’ve got no doubts as to ability to produce quality.

    I’m hoping there’s not too many extra gray hairs between going there and back here again.

  5. You’ve got this. First thought that came to mind about the before and after pictures is the Presidency. The second thing was that along with a very stressful job they usually get that job at an age where age really starts to show. So how much of it is the job and how much of it is just time.

  6. Seems like there ought to be a joke about Deadpool becoming a writer and changing his name to Deadline, but I can’t find it.
    Looking forward to the book, already on preorder.

  7. Nose to the grindstone, content monkey! Kidding aside, looking forward to the book, please don’t be late. And ask Krissy to stock the fridge with *normal* burrito fillings for the next week, don’t want to waste the creative juices on ‘what goes with rhubarb in a burrito?’ (PS the answer is *just don’t*.)

  8. Well kiddo I do so love reading anything by John Scalzi.
    Brilliant hire, she’s great.

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