Get Your Dance On!

Hello again! Lately I’ve been listening to less techno/electro than I usually do, even though it’s my favorite genre of music. I had a single dorm at college, so whenever I was studying or doing schoolwork, I would just put some techno on in the background. Now that I’m home, I listen to it a lot less because no one else likes it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So today I’m going to share five songs I really like that are all under the Canadian record label, Monstercat!

First up is “Disconnected”. This is my favorite of the five:

The next four are all by the same group, which I didn’t even realize until I started writing this post. I don’t have a favorite by them, so these aren’t in any particular order.

Here we have “Cheat Codes”. All of these titles are related to video games, by the way:

Here is “Final Boss”, one of the longer ones:

Fourth one up is “New Game”!

And the last one is actually a collaboration between “Nitro Fun” and “Hyper Potions”:

So there you have it! Let me know which is your favorite, or if there’s any other Monstercat song you like, or really any techno song for that matter. And as always, have a great day!

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  1. Euro-Trance for me. There was a CD compilation labeled ‘Trance All-Stars’ that I picked up in Germany about a decade ago that I liked. More recently;
    DaRude (yes, still showing my age,)

  2. For some reason I always thought techno and electronica were very similar to one another. I figured at least your dad would like it since he experiementwd with electric music before

  3. Mr. Scalzi, who do I contact at your ebook publisher about all the typos in Head on?”

  4. That’s not ‘techno’, says me, a grumpy old man/90’s teenager, who lost far too many brain cells headbanging away to the likes of Aphex Twin & Carl Craig back when that was the hot new stuff…make up new names for your electronic music! Also, get off my lawn, etc.

    It’s alright though, like some mashup of retro-synthwave and ’80s chip tunes, but it’s all a bit backward looking – listen to this:

    1985, and made on technology about 1/100th as complicated as a modern toaster. But basically the same thing. But if you like that kind of stuff, try something a bit darker, but in a similar style:

  5. Hey Athena,
    what do you actually listen to? I mean, do you buy electronica/etc CDs and rip them and listen to them via a music player? or buy them via iTunes/Amazon/Google ? Or do you use a streaming service like spotify or ?

    Personally, I just subscribe to since I don’t know quite exactly what I like (‘I know it when I hear it’) and that gives me a range to choose from.

  6. Techno/Electro is fine with me, also Euro-Trance, though I’m not in the right demographic for electronica, so get off my lawn.

  7. Nice selection! I based a Pandora station on Nitro Fun, and so far it’s been rock solid. Thanks for widening my horizons! (My usual fare is more along the lines of Caro Emerald and Beats Antique.)

  8. I really like the first one, and am still thinking about the others (as to whether I like them or am just ‘meh’ about them). Thanks!

  9. I dig the first and last ones… I think they remind me of my misspent youth in gay bars. Which is a pretty great way to misspend youth (in my opinion). Thanks for sharing these!

  10. My daughter and I found Monstercat on a chiptunes station and we both love them.

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