What You Should Be Watching: YouTube Edition: “Entertaining With Beth”

Welcome to the second post of “What You Should Be Watching”! I know it’s only the second time I’ve done this, but I’m gonna go ahead and throw a curve ball in by making it about a YouTube channel. I just really wanted to share with y’all this amazing YouTuber I watch named Beth Le Manach. She is an extraordinary cook and I love watching her videos.

She makes all sorts of things, desserts, soups, whole meals (even vegetarian friendly ones), and drinks, too! She is by far my favorite YouTube cook, if not my favorite person on YouTube overall. I like watching her because she always sounds really friendly, and makes everything seem doable, even if it’s something that seems daunting to make. Her ideas are always festive and creative, and I think she has a lot to offer the cooking community.

I started watching her on KinCommunity’s channel first, and then she got her own channel, Entertaining With Beth (KinCommunity is also a great channel that has more than just cooking videos). The first thing I ever made from one of her videos was this five course meal, and I hosted a dinner party for some of my friends. This past Mother’s Day, I made a brunch, and everything I made was from one of her videos, as well. She doesn’t just make full course meals, though. She also has shorter videos, like the one below.

I just love how she explains things and does everything step by step. She has a lot of great ideas on presentation and loves to make everything look nice and elegant. Everything she makes is so beautiful and just sounds amazing, she is an inspiration to me and I’m always eager to try out one of her recipes.

I sincerely hope you check her out on YouTube, or on her website. If you have any YouTube chefs you like, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for great cooking videos to watch (and procrastinate with). Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks, I love cooking channels! Also Vegan Black Metal Chef, he’s the best.

    Here’s one from a person I went to high school with (back in the Dark Ages of the 70’s), who became a professional chef, and is now off doing their own thing (they go by both Johnna, still their legal name, and Johnny, which fits their current look more, lol).

    Anyway, all their stuff is vegan, but TASTY. I’m not even vegetarian, but the book “Things Vegans Fry” has homemade tater tots. How can you not love that?!? Also interesting stuff like nopales, which is basically sauteed prickly pear cactus leaves (in this video they’re grilled, though).

    Hope you like it!

  2. I’m a big fan of Chef John’s ‘Food Wishes’ channel. Have learned a lot from him and others. Will check out the above-mentioned videos.

  3. My favorite YouTube cooking channel is Cooking With Dog. The first time I came across it I wasn’t sure what to expect but Francis was the perfect host and chef is a wonderful cook. Sadly, Francis passed away last year but the show goes on.

  4. You should try “Cooking with Dog.” It’s a great channel to learn Asian cooking, and it’s quite charming in its own way.

  5. I like binging with babish. Each week he takes a food from a movie, TV show or video game and shows you first how it was cooked according to the show and then if it comes out terrible he would show you how he would improve it to make it more edible. I haven’t actually cooked any of his recipes it’s more for the entertainment and food porn aspect of it