Portrait of the Artist as Someone Who is So Very Done With His Book, 6/18/18

I posted a picture of myself at the beginning of my deadline rush and said I would post another when it’s done and (likely) I was a real mess. Here’s the promised “after” picture. It’s not as bad as it could be because a) I did actually manage a three-hour nap, b) I threw over my original plan not to shave until I was done because yesterday was my and Krissy’s anniversary and I wanted to not look like a shambling yeti when we went out in public for dinner. Also coincidentally I’m wearing the same shirt as in the previous picture. I did wear other shirts in the interim, I swear.

Also, fun fact: You know how I just turned in a book? Well, actually, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve turned in two. That’s right, while you weren’t looking, I did a whole other entire book! This is why I’m tired, people. I’m doing a lot of work, here. Anyway, that other book is still a little bit under wraps, but we’ll be announcing in the next few months. And in the meantime, you know The Consuming Fire is on its way in October.

Also, I’m likely to be brain-dead most of today and tomorrow at least, so if you see me sitting quietly on my front porch, drooling into my shoulder, that’s why.

28 Comments on “Portrait of the Artist as Someone Who is So Very Done With His Book, 6/18/18”

  1. Congratulations on your doneness. How a person can look out of focus in an in-focus picture I’m not sure, but you’ve done it. All the best for your well-deserved rest! I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming books when they’re released.

  2. Congrats on finishing not one but TWO WHOLE BOOKS. That’s awesome! I’m sure having your intern here handling the website was a huge help too. :) Enjoy a little respite.

  3. Enjoy your well-deserved rest. Your intern is taking care of the site for you, so you can take your time and let your brain recover.

  4. The Collapsing Empire is my favorite of your books. I’m really looking forward to this next one.

    Congratulations on a job well done.

    You are seriously an inspiration to me.

  5. (Points to ‘before’ photo)

    “This is your author.”

    (Points to ‘after’ photo)

    “This is your author on deadlines. Any questions?”

  6. Is there any truth to the rumors that the unidentified new book is a collaboration with Bill Watterson on an illustrated novelization of Calvin’s “Tracer Bullet” hard-boiled daydreams?

    ‘Cause that’d be cool.

  7. Well, while you do look tired, you also look immensely satisfied with yourself. This is a picture of a man that has done Work, completed the Work, and is quite satisfied with the Work. It is a picture of man now looking to Rest so that he can, at a later date, do more satisfying Work.

  8. Eh. Just looks like you didn’t comb your hair for this one. Otherwise fine!

  9. In honor of your two book completioning here are two thinky bits.
    (ok, that was the first one)

    And, um, er… (gotta get to work on this second one, two day deadline on thinky bits)

    [kidding aside, thank you for the word work, looking forward to the read read]

  10. Congratulations! Two books indeed. You should be pleased with yourself. I’m looking forward to reading both of them

  11. When asked to describe the kind of writer you are, say “grizzled veteran”.  As proof, offer your bibliography plus the photo above or, better, the photo from 06/09.

  12. A whole other entire book? Is it The “Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book Two”?

  13. Well…looking drop-dead tired is better than looking like you’re ready to murder someone (the vibe I got from the first photo)!

  14. Power on, my friend!! And yes you look a little tired but also content. Like man at peace with himself, for the moment. I see you in the future taking a nap only to have it disrupted by another story idea that prods you awake or you’ll get a phone call that annoys you affecting the same resulted broken rest. Or you’ll just sleep for six hours get up, brush your teeth before you kiss Krissy and have a cup of coffee together. The sky is the limit. You’ve earned it.

  15. That’s how we like to see our authors, completely knackered because they’ve turned in something!

  16. Nah, you don’t look pleased with yourself. You look like you’re confident that you will be pleased with yourself once you’ve had some rest.

  17. Are you trying to set an example for Athena on how to do term papers?  No, Athena, no!  Don’t listen!