The Collapsing Empire Wins the 2018 Locus Award for Science Fiction Novel

I’m unimaginably thrilled.

Here is the speech I sent to be read at the awards ceremony, which was read by my friend Olivia Ahl, who also took the picture above:

So this is a thing I do: Whenever I am nominated or am a finalist for an award, I take a look at who else is in the category with me. If there is no one or no book in the category that I would be sad to lose to, then I feel that I have already won.

And in this regard, I won long before I actually was given this plaque, because this was an extraordinary strong group of authors and books. I am deeply honored to have my work considered along the works of these fabulous people, and I realize that any one of them could be up here now taking this award home. So to my peers, thank you, it’s been a wonderful ride, and I am glad we’ve shared it.

I have a lot of people to thank over at Tor, starting with Patrick Nielsen Hayden who is my editor, Miriam Weinberg, Irene Gallo, who is the art director, Sparth, who did the tremendous cover art, Christina McDonald the copy editor, Heather Saunders, book designer, and Alexis Saarela and Patty Garcia in publicity. Each of them has made a very large contribution to creating this book and getting it out to everyone. I would also like to thank Steve Feldberg at Audible, and of course Wil Wheaton, who did the narration for the audiobook.

I’d also like to acknowledge friends and fellow writers who helped keep me sane while writing this book. That list is too long to get into here, but would include Olivia Ahl, who is reading this acceptance speech right now. Most of all I would like to thank my wife Kristine. I was kind of a mess during the writing of this book, for various reasons. Through it all Krissy was wonderful, helping me get the work done, and also making sure I didn’t completely lose it. If it wasn’t for her, this book wouldn’t be here, so this award is hers as much as mine.

Thank you again everyone, I’m very sad not to be here right now. But you can be assured that wherever I am in the world, which is actually in San Diego watching my friend get married this weekend, I am very very very happy indeed.

Thank you to everyone who voted! This is great!

Also congratulations to all the other winners of the Locus Award this year. The complete list is here.


41 Comments on “The Collapsing Empire Wins the 2018 Locus Award for Science Fiction Novel”

  1. Congratulations. I really feel like you deserve it for this enchanting novel. You’ve done great work here. I feel like it’s your best work since The God Engines.

    Keep it up. And thank you for being an inspiration to me.

  2. Woo-hoo and congratulations! That is one of my favorite of your works, and I am thrilled to see it earning such well-deserved recognition. Have fun celebrating!

  3. Congratulations! That’s a lovely speech, beautiful sentiments graciously expressed. And congrats to Krissy, as well!

  4. Congratulations! And what a marvellously gracious acceptance speech. You are a classy dude.

  5. Well done! I hope there’s a Lotus awardrevenue boost similar to the Oscar boost winner boost!

  6. Hi John,

    I am curious to know why you were „such a mess“ during the writing? Is that something you wrote previously about? If not, please pardon my curiousity, as it is obviously private. Thanks

  7. Congrats and thanks to everyone on the team for bringing it to fruition. Enjoy your stay in San Diego, and congrats to your friends on their marriage as well.

  8. As one of your characters might say, “Fucking congratulations. That’s a sweet looking award. How much money did it come with?”

  9. Congratulations. And a funny contrast to the prior post about the one star reviews.

    “Living well is the best revenge.”
    George Herbert

  10. Many many congratulations! And what a gracious speech! You and Krissy continue to be a light for me. Thank you for that.

  11. Let those reviewers churlish enough to part with a but a single star, take note. Actually, whbeebe says it better, lol…

  12. It speaks volumes that, given the choice between attending an award ceremony and celebrating a friend’s happiness, you chose to celebrate with a friend. You’re a mensch, John. Congratulations and thumbs up!

  13. Congrates, I just relistened to it, again. the dialog was awesome and Will made it pop. looking forward to #2.

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