Congratulations Deven and Claudia

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to the last few days, it’s this: Two of our very dear friends, Deven and Claudia, got married to each other, and we as a family were there to see it happen. We also saw a number of other, equally dear friends at the wedding and generally had a wonderful time in San Diego, which is one of our favorite cities on the planet. Basically, just a perfect set of days.

Today we’re back to Ohio, and both I and Athena will be back on a regular writing schedule here. But it was nice to get away from the world for a bit and see two of my favorite people bind their lives together. There was a lot of joy happening, and joy and love is something all of us could use a little more of these days.

See you back in Ohio, soon.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I discovered your blog through friends sharing your political posts on Facebook prior to the November 2016 election. Months later, when you wrote about your high school, I realized that you and I had a mutual friend in Claudia. (She and I met at a regional band camp between 8th & 9th grades, remained pen pals for many years afterward, and reconnected on Facebook several years ago.) Small world.

So happy for her and Deven!

First, my congratulations to the happy couple! But second… In that photo, Claudia looks, well, angry. Not that I think she was, but you apparently caught her at an unflattering moment. Perhaps you could post something with a more pleasant expression?

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