Sunset 6/27/18

Enjoy! I figure you might need it.

6 Comments on “Sunset 6/27/18”

  1. Beauty! You’re a lucky man to have such a splendid view, especially when the Jeebus’s daddy lets him get out his water colors. The kid’s not half bad for being only a couple of millennia old.

  2. shirleyjdietz – Bradenton, Florida – I'm still finding out what I'm about but I think it has something to do with writing and connecting with people and serving God. I don't believe I have to understand it all in order to do it and am pretty content with what comes my way, day by day. I believe there is a God who created all of us, the world we live in, the science we think disproves Him, well, everything. I know my natural tendency is to think I don't need God and I need to be saved from that. I know I need a savior and I'm thankful I have one. The small glimpses I get from the here and now of what my real home is going to be like when God restores it all - that's what fuels me, stirs my sense of adventure, and keeps me going. Until then, I write about what is.

    That is stunning in a reflective, quietly awesome way. (Had to use a bunch of my favorite adjectives on that one.)

  3. OK, I’m having flashbacks about speeding on the drive home to my Kansas State University rooming house in time to watch the movie on ABC that night, called “The Day After”………

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