And Now, This Important Kitten Update

Yeah, we’re gonna keep him.

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  1. You answered my question…Cap’n No-Name awaits one. He’s all the adorbs. Con-cat-ulations!

  2. Like all the other posters who had the Exact Same Thought: Now THERE’S a surprise.

    My household tends towards historical names, which does not fit with your household’s naming conventions, so I will simply wait to see what y’all come up with.

  3. Yea!! (And, yes, contrary to the Dictionary that is how you spell it.) So happy for the kitten & your family. I suppose thematically the boy cat should be Snips, Snails or Tales (note Tales rather than Tails). But since “Head On” was published this year, Donut seems appropriate :)

  4. Adding
    He is a cutie, but ohdeargod that face spells Trouble. Y’all are in for it, I fear.

  5. Joining the ranks of the un-amazed.
    His expression may change as he ages, but for now I’d suggest you call him Boggle.

  6. For every collection of cats, the ideal number of N cats is (N+1). Any cat staff member knows this intimately.

  7. How about Harlan? Or Ellison? I mean, he’s already in your face and sorta lovable, right?

  8. Never underestimate the power of cute! He kind of looks like a Loki to me, adorable little troublemaker.

  9. Have the other cats started to like (or tolerate) him? When I got my second, my first cat hissed and clawed at her under the door, but after a couple of days when the door was accidentally opened, they sniffed each other and seemed happy to meet.

  10. I recently rescued a young calico from the porch if a boarded up (foreclosed?) house. She was healthy but starving. Also pregnant! We, too, are keeping our rescue and likely at least one kitten when they come. Suckers we all are – hearts even softer than brains!

  11. I rather expected that if he was fitting in with the other cats he’d be a keeper. My first thought when I saw the initial pictures was ‘Smudge’, given the nasal decoration he sports.

  12. I am shocked! Shocked! to find out that kitten ownership is taking place in this establishment!

  13. And now the vitally important question: does he get his own twitter feed or does he become an honorary scamperbeast?

  14. Oh, I’m so happy for us– I mean you! *cough* I selfishly wanted continued kitten updates, so I’m thrilled he’ll be sticking around your camera. Of course, selfishness aside? I’m just thrilled that a homeless kitten is now going to have a loving home.

    You all do good.

  15. I’m looking foreward to the “Scamperbeasts: The Next Generation” Twitter feed.

  16. And how did this species so easily conquer the human race?

    Cue Evil Laughter… HAHAHA….HAHAHAHAHA

    Vincent Price, you are so missed.

  17. The world is on fire, and this week has pretty much broken me.

    I really needed a dose of good news so I appreciated hearing that you’d be keeping the kitty (although, like most of the previous folks, it was pretty much a done deal in my eyes).

    Thanks for the smile, John and family. And congrats on the new family member!

  18. Welcome to your new home, Senor Don Gato.. The Three Stooges, Zorro, and Junior send their congratulations at having finessed your way in.

  19. Steve Thorn for the win! Great name suggestion lol. Although his wide-eyed expression begs for a name with a ! at the end of it

    Add me to the “SHOCKED!” club, welcome home little guy!

  20. With that crooked white streak across his face, I’d probably name him Bolt (as in lightning).

  21. I am so pleased that you have passed muster and the kitten has accepted you!

  22. And in other “No Shit” news … water is wet.

    Cute cat! Seems like you guys are going to have fun together.

  23. @bruceauthurs – I once had a black cat with a distinct white exclamation point mark on his nose and forehead. Being a computer hacker, I named him “Bang” (the slang name for ! )

    Big trouble – he often wanted to hear his name word – usually in expensive glass stemware off the kitchen counter. I once saw him climb onto the mantle, wait until we were looking directly at him, then push a one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass ornament off.

  24. @John Scalzi – congratulations on the new kitten! Hope he continues to brighten up your household.

  25. Congratulations to the newest member of Team Scamperbeast on successfully infiltrating the Scalzi Compound and establishing residence. Also, he’s so cute it hurts!

  26. That’s lovely! I see I am not the first to suggest Splotch, but Rorschach is also good.

  27. Congratulations, little piebald tuxedo boy, on successfully worming your way into the hearts of the Scalzi household! We await the announcement of your name with great eagerness, and send wishes for many happy years of pouncing, chin-scritches and tuna. Long may you purr!

  28. Thank you. In the county where I live (Raleigh, NC area) over 1,000 cats/kittens and dogs/puppies were surrendered to the county shelter this month. It’s nice to hear of someone accepting a new responsibility they weren’t looking for rather than making it someone else’s problem to deal with.

  29. Bravo!

    I’ve wrestled with myself everyday since the little one arrived & you said “Anyone want a kitten?” I’m not far from your burg and really, really wanted to offer my home but my 5 cats kept giving me the stinkeye every time I said “How about a new kitten?”

    Congrats to all!

  30. Knew it from the first shoulder kitten picture. Will now patiently wait while Athena works through her pet naming process. Smart kitty, lucky Scalzi clan.

  31. This is my surprised face. Or…wait…not surprised at all. He is super adorable cute! And he will have an excellent home.

  32. Thank you for this moment of joy in an otherwise bleak few days. As for names, how about “The Kitty on the Edge of Forever”? (bit long, could probable use a bit of workshopping…)`

  33. Oh, Thank the Gods! You have NO idea how close Tammy was to saying, “You can stop off in Ohio on your way to ConVergence in Minneapolis next week to pick up Scalzi’s new kitten, yes? Our other ten cats could use the company…”

  34. I too vote Rorshach, or maybe a variant like Rorshock since we are all so, so surprised you decided to keep him

  35. I’ve seen two pictures of that kitty, and I so anthropomorphize The eyes. So expressive, so yearning, so utterly mesmorizing! What a cutie…..but watch out, You’re already wrapped around its paw. “Master/Mistress” may be the logical name choice…. or ”yes Sir/ No Ma’am:” how could you ever say no to that face? What a cutie!

  36. Really, it was risky to question the cat gods’ judgement. You’re making the best (and cutest) choice. Man supposes, Bastet disposes.

  37. tsk tsk. EVERYONE knows the number of pets in a household should not exceed the number of humans. [uuuhm: 3 cats 1dog 4 ferrets 2 humans here–why do you ask?]

    (Also, Rorschach wouldn’t have occurred to me, but I’m jumping on that bandwagon. Shocker for everyday use.)

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