New Book and ARCs, 6/29/18

As we come to the end of another June, here is a substantial stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound, calling out to be read and appreciated. What here is calling to you, specifically? Tell us in the comments!

20 Comments on “New Book and ARCs, 6/29/18”

  1. Yeah, that is weird timing.
    The Mary Robinette Kowal book looks really good, also I liked Rajaniemi’s first two books so I’d probably want to see this one too.

  2. The Harlan Ellison book was one I’d vaguely heard of before. Was this previously printed? Or one that was posthumously completed?

    A quick look on “Occupy Me” reveals it has nothing to do with the Occupy Movement, although its lead character is part of the Resistance. She’s a middle-aged black lesbian angel trapped on Earth in pursuit of a man with a suitcase containing such stuff as perceptions of reality getting melted. Given that author Tricia Sullivan wrote the amazingly kick-ass “Maul,” this has pinged my radar big-time.

  3. Is Blood’s a Rover by Ellison an expanded version of “A Boy and his Dog” or a sequel, or what?

  4. The Ellison (*SIGH*), the Kowal, the Goss and the Headley, for sure. Maybe the Tricia Sullivan.

  5. The “Travel to Europe for Monstrous Women” sounds very fun. And a great title. I fell in love with a title once, bought the book, and have been a lifelong fan of Christopher Moore ever since (the book was “Practical Demonkeeping”). As Shakespeare kept saying in the movie “Shakespeare in Love” – “good title!”. Way better than “Romeo and Ethyl the Pirate’s Daughter”.

  6. Definitely the Tricia Sullivan, although I haven’t been able to read her last one yet. I love her work and as the previous commenter said Maul was amazing. There’s some really intriguing other titles though.

    I can’t keep up with all my favourite authors anymore and so many excellent new authors keep appearing that I want to read too. It’s really exciting but overwhelming at the same time and I just skirt around the edges of fandom, I can’t imagine how it feels for everyone who is more deeply involved!

  7. Oooh shiny Summerland!

    Also, A. Lee Martinez writes quite enjoyable yarns so I am looking forward to what I believe is the first time he’s written a sequel.

  8. “Blood’s A Rover” is all the “A Boy And His Dog” stories and published fragments collected. Harlan never made it into a novel.

  9. I’m sorely tempted by The Calculating Stars, and a new Babymouse is always good.

  10. I am always surprised about how many books come out by authors I have never heard of. It’s good, of course, but where am I going to find the time to read them all?