Important Update: The Kitten Has a Name


And it is:

Smudge, aka Lord Aloysious Smudgington III, aka Smudge the Mighty Toe Hunter, aka Smoooooooge.

Please update all relevant records.

Thank you for your attention.

40 Comments on “Important Update: The Kitten Has a Name”

  1. I was thinking this..because, seriously, what ELSE would have been appropriate?!? How are Sugar, Spice and Zeus taking this? To them, his name is probably ‘cat toy.’ He has to be one of the cutest kittens I’ve seen in a long time- how old? 8 weeks?

  2. Smudge is a perfect name! How wise of him to inform you of it.

    Congratulations to him, and to family Scalzi on their new Scamperbeast!

  3. Fine fine, but on to the really important question:

    When done get to follow Smudge on Twitter?

  4. So will Smudge be invading the Scamperbeasts’ Twitter? One assumes he scampers with the best of them.

  5. That is an outrageously cute kitten. I’ll bet you’re relieved no one stepped up to offer to take him.

  6. That is an EXCELLENT name – I heartily approve, and so does Smudgely McDammitcat, one of the two Cuddlebeasts in our household! There must be something about that name, because Smudgely McD is a fierce and unrelenting toe-hunter as well, especially on weekend mornings when he feels that we are not sufficiently prompt in arising. When he gets to the point of crawling up under the blankets to attack our toes, we usually bow to the inevitable and just get up.

    All hail to the newest Smudge!

  7. Cats come to us in the most unusual ways. I moved into a farm one (no cats in the barn). As soon as I finished unpacking and was standing on the porch, I looked across the field and a Moma cat was leading 4 joyously bounding kittens behind her. Headed to me.

  8. Oh, an excellent choice! As I mentioned in the prior thread, that was my first thought for a name when I saw the first pictures. Fits nicely with Sugar and Spice, too!

  9. Am I the only one who sees an expression of almost unbearably smug satisfaction on that kitten’s face in the picture?

    Seriously, there could be a thought-bubble over him with “Household and servitors ACQUIRED” in it.

  10. I had a cat named Smudge (1989-2001). She was a fun cat. However, if your Smudge channels the ghost of my Smudge, he will barf on your bedroom carpet on a regular basis and poop on your living room carpet just after you have it cleaned. The More You Know…….

  11. But does he light things on fire? ;) (and yes, I know Jim C. Hines has already commented…)

  12. My name iz Smudge
    I cute but smol
    I think that toez
    Iz like a ball

    And when folx see
    My inky hed
    They die of cute
    I kilz them ded.

  13. Congrats on being acquired by a new cat! I had my Smudge for almost 19 years… may your Smudge bring you as much happiness as mine did. (Named Smudge b/c Smudge is a better name than Moldy, which is what my dimwitted sibling wanted to name her–she was solid blue-gray, like a Russian blue only longhaired… her epithet should have been “Clogger of Vacuum Cleaners”.) Hope the other Scamperbeasts aren’t hazing the new kid too badly…

  14. My kitten Little Bear wishes to send a warm, fuzzy welcome to Smudge. Enjoy!

  15. When freezing temperatures come to Ohio, he can leap into action as Smudge Pot and save your trees!

  16. He looks much less panic-stricken in this photo — getting a name seems to have made him feel secure in your household. Totally beyond adorable!

  17. I realize this is awful, but I’ve heard that pets sometimes take on characteristics of the names they’re given. This may be complete bullshut, but just in case, please keep Smudge away from the street. Cute kitty, cute name, please teach him to drive in his own lane.

  18. Ah, a great choice of name. Why do I say that?

    Allow me a reminiscence: My sister’s high school boyfriend had a wonderful cat named Smudge. He too was black and white with a smudge over his nose. But unlike your kitten, he had six toes on his front paws.

    He was famous for being able to pick stuff up off the floor and look at it with his paw and then toss it aside. He was almost doing the opposable thumb thing.

    He also enjoyed following the boyfriend around on walks, and would sit patiently outside the door of a shop while the boyfriend was inside, then continue to accompany him on his walk or shopping trip or whatever.

    After their breakup I lost touch with Smudge entirely. But he was an amazing cat and I am glad to have had his acquaintance.

    Thanks for stirring up those memories.

  19. Forgot to say I also have another friend from much more recently who had a beloved cat named Smudge. So it’s just pretty much a great cat name. Full stop.

  20. (To be read in an overly stuffy British accent): “Oh, good show! I went to Eton with a Smudgington. Good feline stock, although a bit obsessed with toes.”

  21. Congratulations on your most recent addition to the family! I must say, that kitten is entirely cute. Also, based upon the most photograph, quite smug about his recent upturn in luck.

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