Athena Scalzi

The Greatest Soundtrack You Will Ever Hear

YouTube Poster

This is the best hour and one minute of music you will ever hear (not guaranteed, do not sue if this is not the best 61 and a half minutes of music ever). It’s intense, it’s dramatic, it’s got everything you could want from a score of music. If you’ve seen Attack On Titan, you know that it has some intense moments that have killer music, and it is all collected right here.

Personally, I listen to this whenever I’m doing schoolwork, because it’s mostly instrumental, and good background music. If you end up listening to it, let me know which one is your favorite (the times each one starts at is in the description box). Also, if you’ve seen Attack On Titan, who is your favorite character (try not to give spoilers to whether they die or not). Have a great day!

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