The Greatest Soundtrack You Will Ever Hear

This is the best hour and one minute of music you will ever hear (not guaranteed, do not sue if this is not the best 61 and a half minutes of music ever). It’s intense, it’s dramatic, it’s got everything you could want from a score of music. If you’ve seen Attack On Titan, you know that it has some intense moments that have killer music, and it is all collected right here.

Personally, I listen to this whenever I’m doing schoolwork, because it’s mostly instrumental, and good background music. If you end up listening to it, let me know which one is your favorite (the times each one starts at is in the description box). Also, if you’ve seen Attack On Titan, who is your favorite character (try not to give spoilers to whether they die or not). Have a great day!

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  1. Nice music! I watched half of season 1 a few years ago, but didn’t have time to watch the rest. It could get pretty dark! I started watching anime due to my son’s influence. But he doesn’t like the really sad ones. We both agreed though that Gurren Lagann is our favorite! I particularly like stories with some SFF. Other favorites are the Monogatari series and Your Name. And I always watch them in Japanese with subtitles!
    Maybe you could post your top 10 anime movies or series!

  2. Thank you for the great soundtrack, which led to a new item on my “videos to watch” list.

  3. It just comes up as “not available” when I click play, but if I click on “youtube” it will open it on youtube.

    So far, the first minute is pretty cool.

  4. It is a solid soundtrack, and distinctly Japaname. Mixing the classical with traditional Japanese sounds, and then a good helping of hard rock because they can. If you’ve not heard them, the two are my absolute go to, and my favorite classical soundtracks to do my design work too. If you don’t know Skyrim, you might be missing out on something truly amazing. The revival of Battletech, my gateway drug to nerddom, made me super happy to see. Hearing its soundtrack blew me away. The team did a top notch job with it.

    Very honorable mention, but in a different genre, would be the sound track to The Social Network. I don’t think the Film Academy (Oscar) really means anything anymore, with their selections questionable (The Hurt Locker won best picture over Avatar?! As a soldier who was there and worked with EOD a lot while we patrolled, I found that movie beyond ridiculous and of little value to film as opposed toe Avatar, which basically forced theaters to bring 3d back and was a beautifully done film), but this Best Soundtrack winner deserved it. This is late night 3d design fuel for my brain.


  5. Jonathan Young did FANTASTIC metal covers of Attack On Titan’s first two opening themes, available on YouTube. (The first even includes a keytar solo.)

  6. It’s a pretty great soundtrack. And that reminds me that Season 3 is now live, so I need to finish season 2 and catch up (though my son has read his way through the manga). I’d be hard pressed to name a favorite character, honestly. I think the core trio are all equally interesting for very different reasons; they are all badly damaged people who find strength in each other, even in the face of horror. My chief complaint with the story (and this is true in the manga, as well) is how they artificially drag out some story beats to keep the reader/viewer in the dark. It’s a relatively minor complaint.

  7. Just finished listening to the full 61 minutes. Very “new age-y” in parts; something of a “Carmina Burana” knockoff in other parts. I do particularly like the “taiko” japanese drum effects (probably synthesized but maybe sampled). For a favorite, I’ll go with the eighth track (“body motion”).

    I’ll agree that overall, it’s good music to have playing in the background while doing something else. But I will have to agree to disagree about it being the “best” one hour and one minutes of music ever, or even the separate claim of “greatest soundtrack.” For soundtracks, pick almost any soundtrack of video game composer Jeremy Soule…he’s the John Williams of video game music. For example this one:

    And if not restricting to soundtracks, my personal choice for best overall 1-hr.+ composition would be a tough choice between two compositions by early-20th-century Russian composers: 1) Scriabin/Nemtin “Mysterium” and 2) Gliere “Ilya Muromets” symphony. And there are many other supreme masterworks of such long duration, such as Handel “Messiah,” Beethoven’s 9th symphony, Bach “Goldberg Variations,” just about any symphony by Mahler (hehe :P ), Orff’s “Carmina Burana” (which as I stated, some of the “Shingeki” music shows influence), etc., etc.

  8. I discovered this from Epica doing covers of the soundtrack. Great stuff, though I’d still give the Greatest Soundtrack title to Howard Shore and LOTR. (today anyway, tomorrow might get a different answer, plenty of room for many Greatest Soundtracks)

  9. I am about half-way through and it is beautiful music. Has anyone found this on apple music or spotifiy? I would love to listen this outside of youtube.

  10. I switched from following the story on manga (comic) to following the anime just because I liked the music. (After checking with fans first)

  11. Say, as regards being able to have music for studying, or in my case reading, music that does not have words or distract is to be found thru the iTunes button, where my favorite category is “ambient.” Under that triangle is everything from low water sounds to high orbiting NASA voices. To my amusement, there is no elevator muzak. …

  12. If you like this, you might want to dig up the “Trinity Blood” soundtrack.

  13. I never really focused on the music for AoT because of the story going on, but after listening to this it reminded me of the Gundam Unicorn music.

    Turns out its the same composer.

  14. “Also, if you’ve seen Attack On Titan, who is your favorite character”

    AoT is so focused on its reveals and central mystery that it doesn’t really have time to be a character-focused anime. And it doesn’t help that it sheds characters by the dozen every few episodes!

    That said, my pick would be Armin. He’s wicked smart, and the show uses him as its primary voice for its smart writing (when it’s being smart, that is.) Also, all the main characters seem to have PTSD, but Armin is the one who manages to function despite it the best.

    Have you checked out the season 2 soundtrack? I think it’s even better than this one.

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