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Kings Island: What to See, What to Ride

Ohio is known for its theme parks, Cedar Point and Kings Island. We’re kind of the king of roller coasters around these parts, to be honest. So if you love coasters and various smaller, but still fun, rides, I would recommend going to Kings Island or Cedar Point, however I have never been to Cedar […]

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An Addendum to An Addendum

(Looks on the Internet) Huh, seems some Harlan Ellison fans are very angry about this addendum to my piece in the Los Angeles Times about his passing. Well, fair enough; so, let me offer up some further points about it. 1. Why is it an addendum here rather than in the LA Times piece proper? […]

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The Big Idea: Francesco Dimitri

Friendship, magic and a sense of place: All of these are important to Francesco Dimitri, and are the foundation of The Book of Hidden Things, the author’s first book written in English. He’s here to discuss all three, and his novel. FRANCESCO DIMITRI: We live in a world full of darkness and grace. There are […]

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