What You Should Be Watching: The Hollow

Hey, guys! Welcome to another edition of “What You Should Be Watching”. Today I’m going to be talking about another Netflix original cartoon, The Hollow. This show is so easy to binge, with only ten episodes and each one being twenty-two minutes, I’ll be surprised if you don’t fly through it (I know I sure did).

Basically, these three kids, Adam, Mira, and Kai, wake up in an unknown place with no memory at all, and have to find a way out of this spooky, topsy-turvy world they’ve wound up in, all while avoiding monsters and death.

This show was one of the wildest I’ve seen in a while. It doesn’t mess around, it jumps straight into action and mystery and continues with it through every single episode. Each one more action packed than the one before, each one presenting new theories and ideas as to what the heck is going on in this crazy world the characters find themselves in.

The Hollow is one of those shows where you won’t know what’s going on until they want you to know, and suddenly it all makes sense. There’s minotaurs, sirens, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, demon monks, a talking tree, spider-centaur people, an ice monster, and so many other obstacles these three have to fight just to survive.

Though the show might be a tad spooky for young viewers (it is a kids’ show after all), it has plenty of humor and fun moments in it. The voice acting is pretty great, however I do find the animation a bit odd, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

Overall, this is a really fun show with a lot of cool elements in it. I recommend checking it out, I bet you’ll be hooked right away. Also, if Kai annoys the frick frack out of you, don’t worry, he gets better… mildly better, anyways.

If you’ve already seen this show, did you like it? Who was your favorite character or the coolest monster? Try not to spoil too much though, for those that haven’t seen it yet. And have a great day!

8 Comments on “What You Should Be Watching: The Hollow”

  1. I watched 4 episodes until I realized I was only still watching it because I wanted to know what the mystery was, not because I enjoyed it. Especially Kai’s endless complaining and not so funny slapstick got on my nerves. In the end I guess the show just wasn’t for me, but I can see why other people would enjoy it…

    I also totally googled what the mystery was and I will say that it did indeed make total sense when I read the spoilers… :)

  2. I think I watched 4 or 5 episodes just last week. I enjoyed it! I haven’t had time since then to watch the ret, but hopefully I’ll find it soon!

  3. I watched the whole series a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t really like it as well as you did. I figured out what must be going on fairly early on, and it kind of lowered the stakes for me as I watched the rest. I did like Adam and, especially, Mira, but Kai is so grating early on that I was sorely tempted to bail – but the sofa was comfy and I had nothing else to do at the time. At least he does come into his own later.

  4. Man. You have interests and an affect that are WAY different from your Dad’s. But they’re not nonintersecting. It’s kind of interesting.

    Welcome to blogging. Haven’t seen this show. Might be worth a try.

  5. Started watching it last night, coincidentally. Liked it enough to get through the first 4 episodes while folding laundry. And plan on watching the rest in the next day or two.

    The art style made me think of latter-day Penny Arcade – and good to know Kai gets better. :)

  6. By coincidence, I watched this show with one of my daughters yesterday and will hopefully watch it with another daughter soon! We all enjoyed it, though we agree that Kai is annoying.

    My favorite character was Mira. She was smart, playful, funny, reasonable, a little impulsive, and courageous.

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