Saturday Afternoon Catnapping, Starring Smudge

He’s all kittened out. Hope your Saturday is going well.

11 Comments on “Saturday Afternoon Catnapping, Starring Smudge”

  1. Im 64 and after a couple hours of hard work in the morning I looked like that kitten. The best part of days ‘off’ is that there is time for naps.

  2. That is one happy and very, very lucky kitten. Thank you so much for giving him a loving home, and for sharing his complete adorableness with us!

    My Saturday was lovely, thanks; no napping, alas, but spent several hours at my pottery wheel and then went out for a feast of Sichuan food with spouse, daughter and son-in-law, so it was pretty great all round. I hope yours was likewise.

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    Just popping by to admire Smudge’s glory, and to let Athena know I’ll be cooking soup this week because of her (which is good. vegetables are good and stuff).

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