My Three Sons, One a Parrot: A Twitter Story

It began innocently enough.

What a heartwarming tale of love and acceptance of Myke Cole, my son, who identifies as a parrot.


19 Comments on “My Three Sons, One a Parrot: A Twitter Story”

  1. Thanks to all involved! And I wish I had a tenth of the talent Lar has for drawing. Joy on the internet is there if you look in the right places.

  2. Just about every time I check Twitter and see Myke Cole playing Abbott to Sam Sykes’ Costello, I crack up and am glad I’m on Twitter, for all its problems.

    But this seems almost unfair; there’s like half a dozen of youse guys playin’ Costello here, and poor Myke’s outnumbered.


  3. I’ve heard of people being a monkeys uncle, but does this mean Athena is a birds sister?

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