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And Now a Brief Procedural Update on The Consuming Fire

What I'm working on today. pic.twitter.com/xYLRypfTev — John Scalzi (@scalzi) July 16, 2018 Which is that I got the first pass page proofs this morning and read the book through, front to back, for the first time since sending it in a month ago. Folks, this book is really good. Like, better than I remember […]

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The Big Idea: Wendy Nikel

People with a familiarity with time travel tropes may have heard of the “grandfather paradox.” But now, author Wendy Nikel proposes a corollary for her newest, The Grandmother Paradox. WENDY NIKEL: As an author, I struggle with titles, and I don’t normally settle on one until a story is completely written, usually borrowing from bits […]

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