And Now a Brief Procedural Update on The Consuming Fire

Which is that I got the first pass page proofs this morning and read the book through, front to back, for the first time since sending it in a month ago.

Folks, this book is really good.

Like, better than I remember it being when I sent it in. Which is not too surprising since when I sent it in it was 7am and I had been writing all night and my brain was the consistency of tapioca pudding. But even so.

It really moves. And it flows really well. And your favorite characters from The Collapsing Empire are back doing some pretty cool stuff.

Can’t wait for you all to read it.

Uh, in October. Sorry.  But it’ll be worth the wait.

15 Comments on “And Now a Brief Procedural Update on The Consuming Fire”

  1. With tremendous respect, DAMN you, Mr. Scalzi. You are a tease, and October is WAY too far away.

    Sub-Press emailed me an alert a week or two ago that they’re again facilitating signed and personalized copies of The Consuming Fire, and you’d better believe that I’ve already ordered mine.

    But October is a long, long, long time away. Damn it.

  2. It’s even longer to the completion of the trilogy as I really dislike cliffhanger endings, but I suspect it’s going to be worth the wait! (In the meantime, the books will sit quietly on my Kindle for my husband to read.)

  3. Heck I have no problem waiting a few months. I appreciate an author that’s actually producing good stuff on a regular cadence. What drives me crazy is when authors lay off for years in the middle of a series I was really enjoying.

  4. At point between now and October is the narrator for the audiobook chosen?

  5. How is the feeling of reading your own book?
    Can you distantiate yourself from it to the point were you are not sure what happens next, or is it more of a reviewing your exam before delivering it kind of thing?

  6. I’m actually really relieved to hear that you can read your own work with enjoyment. I always find that difficult (read: severely anxiety provoking), but knowing that you can do so makes me think that maybe, if I keep working at it, I’ll get to that point, too.

    And so many congrats on the new book!

  7. Is this the final review you make after you get copy edits back? So what are you checking for at this stage? How many people will read the book during the editing process?

    I am really not sure what is involved in taking a manuscript and making it a finished product.

  8. When you re-read your own material, how do you keep from just zipping through it? When I have to re-read/proofread my own work, I find that I’m always missing corrections because the work feels too familiar.

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